Monday, March 3

Day 1: Chicken and Salads!

Hey Fellow Bloggers!

Happy Monday!

I hope it was a great one for you!  It was a great day for me!  We had a blast at school today!  I'm also excited because I got some new swag!  I went to JC Penny's yesterday and picked up some new runner's tights.  I am excited because they are not just plain black!  It is hard to see in the photo, but they are mainly gray with a combo of another color!  Plus they were half the price of my Extrek runner's tights!

In addition, I got my new running shoes came in the mail!  WOOT!  They are Brittany's favorite color, purple!  They are the exact same shoe I last purchased, but at HALF of the cost!  I saw them being advertised on and I knew I had to splurge on them.  You know what the old saying goes right...if the shoe fits...?

So, anyways...

As I stated in the last post, I am going to post what I eat on my blog for the month of March!  Well, due to the extensive working hours at Boston Store and my road trip to GB, I haven't been able to post yet.  So TODAY is my first day!

Here it is!  My three meals for the day:)

Breakfast: Peanut butter and banana sandwich!

This is one of my "to-go-to" recipes.  I LOVE the peanut butter and banana combo.  I got the idea from The Gracious Pantry [which is one of my favorite clean eating blogs/websites ever!]  She used clean wraps and pizza dough to make her creation.  I used Sara Lee's 35 calorie sliced whole grain bread for mine.  It's cheaper and less calories.    This recipe is easy to create which is why it is a staple in my kitchen!

Lunch: Leftovers from Panera Bread and a Sweet Potato

So I forgot to take a picture of my food from I used a photo from Sunday.  However, the point is still the same; I ate a fourth of that sandwich and a tiny sample of the baguette.  I also had a sweet potato (steamed) as well as grapes and strawberries.

I don't make a habit of eating out anymore...I hate spending money on eating something I typically only eat ONE all of the processed crap and calories that goes into your's just not worth it.  However, once in a while it is good to go get some good ready made food!

Dinner: Mediterranean Couscous and Plain Ol' Chicken

You guessed it...I eat chicken A LOT!  Chicken is affordable and reliable to eat.   My favorite type of chicken is the "Weight Watcher" 5oz Chicken Breasts.  Yes it is slightly higher in sodium [and it is prepackaged, which is a clean-eating no-no] however, it helps me stay in portion!  Also, it's better than a lot of the frozen chicken options out there [besides organic, which I simply cannot afford] so it will have to do.

The couscous was simple to make...I went to Logli's and got a sample of it while picking up some banana's for myself;)  It's couscous tossed with EVOO, balsamic vinegar, carrots, peas and some lemon juice.  Very clean and locally made=yummy!

The chicken was my creation!  It's called Plain 'Ol Chicken because it really is meant to counteract the flavorful side dish.  I added the spinach for some extra iron and nutrients!

Here is my recipe for "Plain 'Ol Chicken"
3 Weight Watcher Chicken Breasts, thawed.
1 tbl basil
1 tbl ginger (or cut fresh ginger root)
1/2 tbl of nutmeg
1 t/l of oregano
dash of pepper
lemon juice
dash of salt [if that's your style...not mine!]
1 tbl EVOO

Mix spices together with lemon juice and rub onto chicken.  Heat up skillet with EVOO.  Place breasts in skillet.  Set timer for 5 minutes.  Rotate every 30-60 seconds to prevent chicken from burning.  Continue until timer is done [or juices are running clear].  Set aside to cool and serve!  Enjoy!

I'm pretty happy with my food intake for the day...except for my snacking. [My cross to bear I had some animal crackers, pretzels and a few robin eggs.  [See, I'm not perfect either!]  I'm working on trying to find better snacks so I am not tempted to eat food that I don't enjoy!  This week was extra hard because of the lack of groceries in my cabinet.

I hope you enjoyed my nutritional insights for the day!  More to come!


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