Tuesday, March 11

Day 9: When Fitness Becomes a Burden

Hey All!

I hope everybody had a great Tuesday!  I am exhausted!

Today's entry is about fitness and motivation.  I have been reflecting on this topic for almost a week now.  Tonight I finally decided it was time to post it after my poor fiancee struggled to complete his run for his final training for Sunday.  It wasn't the only person that felt bad or frustrated about their fitness journey.  I have noticed a slight trend in hating on ourselves for our fitness.  I saw a few fitness boos and rants that the said person isn't enjoying their fitness or "wasn't good enough" to partake in activities.  

How much does it stink when you are running your fastest, only to see your fastest is somebody's easiest.  Or let's take it off of running; seeing others make it through a Zumba class as if they do it all the time while you are dying inside and out?  Or how a person can look absolutely perfect while doing strength training with mega heavy weights and you can barely lift a five?

Well my friends, all of those scenarios can hinder your health efforts by coping with this by eating...do not let that happen.

Put down the ice-cream and nobody will get hurt.

Let me tell you something...

You are never going to get better if you don't push yourself outside your limits.   That girl doing Zumba like no other has worked her butt off many days and nights building up her endurance to make it through!  The runners in the club I am in have ran, ran, ran often working on their pace with different types of runs and races...while I am still working on it.  How dare any of us get angry at another person's successes?

We should aspire to strive and work on inspiring others with our aspirations.

Just like eating healthy is a marathon not a sprint so is fitness?

Here is a good example of a "Negative Em" moment.  That moment when you think for a moment you should just throw in the towel!   You know the ones, where you try to convince yourself of something NOT TRUE?!

Last Thursday, I was on a short run through the Riverside Route in Janesville.  Two nice guys took turns staying back with me.  This was nice because I was surely afraid of the dark on a trail I have not been on before!  While running back, I explained to one of the guys that I really wanted to be able to eventually run with the rest of the group without dying!  He asked me how long I have been running for and his face dropped a few levels when I answered him.  His response: "I never ran as fast as you that early on in my running career."  That's when I realized that he's right, I am early in my running career.  I plan on doing many more races, many more runs.  I'm just a baby, starting out.  Naturally I will not be super fast over night!  Not every run will be fast, not every workout will be 100% awesome...BUT...it is okay!  Right at that moment I was happy because I was running with some nice person, in the dark, in Janesville, with people that were equally as encouraging somewhere ahead of me at a good pace of 9:15 for a 5 mile stretch.  I lost 42 pounds, I have a healthy heart.  You know...life is good!  And more importantly... I SHOWED UP TO WORK OUT!  I LAPPED EVERY SINGLE COUCH POTATO THAT IS SITTING WATCHING CRAP TV AND EATING CRAP CHIPS!!!

After that realization, I looked at everybody as aspiring.  I wanted to put in my time to strive to their level of fitness!  How? By just working towards it, at my own pace.  It will come.  I know it will.  A year ago, I ran a 12 minute mile.  I shaved 3 whole minutes off of my time.  I am excited for when I shave off another minute, which will happen.  It's part of my journey.

In result, that following Sunday I joined the group for a long run and ran my best run yet.  I was inspired by those who have gone before me.  [Literally!  Everybody was way ahead of me!]  After FB posting myself after an amazing 5 miles, the encouragements came in which only reinforced my love of running:)

I hope I am that person for you; I seriously do.  I want you to know that every person has their ups and downs.  It's okay!  I want to be your cheerleader!  I want to inspire you to reach your own fitness goals and aspirations!  I want you to feel like you are not the only one grunting through that workout!  I want to see what you cooked so maybe I could learn a new trick or two!

All because you are that person for me:)

So speaking of food...HERE is what I chomped down [proudly] today!

Breakfast: You guessed it...another grilled sandwich!

I was running late, so I made this puppy in a flash!  I also made 2 so I didn't have to spend more time in the kitchen making a lunch for myself!  I used turkey, spinach, italian cheese, mushrooms and pink lady apples!  It tasted like thanksgiving on a sandwich!  Next time I want to try cranberry sauce on it!  YUM!

Lunch: The [other] Pianni, with Yogurt and Green Sugar Peas

This thing was just as good the second time!

Dinner: Lemon Chicken c/Veggies!

This was amazing!  I tried a new stir-fry mix.  The veggies were lightly sautéed in rosemary and butter...OMG YUM!  I ate the veggies faster than the chicken!  I added a slice of bread because MyFitnessPal said I did not have anywhere near my needed carb intake [and I was yet to work out after!] The chicken...very juicy, with a kick of spice!  It's also my own creation!  So...here is the recipe!

Lemon Chicken:
4 Chicken Breasts
Lemon Pepper Seasoning
1 Lemon
Lemon Juice

Cut up lemon into slices.  Sprinkle a generous amount of lemon pepper onto the breasts.  Pour about 1 tablespoon of lemon onto the breasts as even as possible. Lay one slice on each chicken breast.   Finally take a sprinkle of basil to place on the chicken.  Cover with tin foil. Allow to sit in the fridge between 20mins and up to 4 hours.

Preheat oven to 350.   Cook with tin foil on for about 30-35 minutes.  Serve hot!

I hope you enjoyed my blog entry!  See you tomorrow folks!


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