Sunday, March 30

Self Doubt and You!

Hey Everybody!

I was going to write a blog post about traveling and how to eat and workout on a trip, BUT this issue has come to my attention.

The "I'm Not as Good as You" issue.

It makes me sad to see so many people feel like they have to be "fast" or "go far" in order to feel like their fitness has any value.  That's not true.

Again, I repeat: not. true.





You enter your fitness at your level.  You run the miles you can go.  You go the speed you can go.  Lift the weights that you can lift.  Never feel ashamed of your fitness level.  It is YOUR level.  Set a goal and challenge yourself to rise to the level you want to be. That's how the weak get strong.  The walkers become runners.  The students become yogis.  Practice makes perfect.   It will take many, many, many times to see your increase in your fitness level, but it is happening!  If you are continuously challenging yourself and setting new goals; YOU WILL DOMINATE!

Surround yourself with people that understand what your true value in fitness are.  Work out with supportive and kind fitness freaks; ones who push you to strive in a healthy way!

I ran weekly with a group of runners who are, to be bold, much faster than I am.  Let's face it.  they are fast!  I am always the last person huffing and puffing in the back.  Physically I cannot pound out 7 minute miles.  Not right now! And probably not next week either.

Instead of being sad and going home crying, posting status after status on how horrible and lazy I am, I focus on what I want.  I work with what I have.  I have my body, my experiences and my goals.  I set my own fitness goals and work out how to achieve them!  You can do the same!  Saturday I managed to get a PR [according to MapMyFitness] while today I had a nice sllllooowwww run.  Both times nobody cared!  Everybody was happy that we all worked our hardest and showed up!  One of my favorite parts of running club is when I am coming towards the end.  I'm dead last, by a LOT, but there everybody is cheering me on!  Then, we all cheer and give each other high fives!  Everybody is proud of everybody's accomplishments.  Not ever did somebody poke fun or make anybody feel bad for their fitness level!  It's all in good time!

I know it is hard to get out of that mindset.  Let's face it; your ultimate goal might be so out of reach you deem it not possible to ever do.  You might be stuck in your rut; because you do not know where to start.

Look no more.

Here are 5 Affirmations to help you feel better about your fitness level (and how to push through that workout.)

1) I go hard, intense with a little bit of rest, so I can go home!
2) Fit girls don't look pretty at the gym.
3)  I've got this b***h.
4)  There is no quit in fit.  You can do it!  There is no quit in fit.
5) I'm lapping the couch potatoes.

And remember...

Somebody will always be faster than you.
Somebody will always work harder than you.
Somebody will always be stronger than you.

But to the person that is sitting at home wishing for it,
Or the person who cannot gather the energy for it,
Or the person who is struggling for it,

That person who is always faster
Always working harder
Always stronger

is you!

Think about it!


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