Monday, March 17

STOP! It's a Shakedown!

Hey Everybody!

So this weekend...nuts!

Very nuts!

I have been trying to work on something for my other 1/2 of my article about potassium, but it isn't finished yet.  Lots of things have happened over the weekend that caused me to put pause on the blogging for a bit.  [All good things!]

Today I want to talk about Facebook-ing your progress.

Last Friday I came across an article discussing Facebook Boasting about your fitness goals.  [Read the article here!] Bascially this article discusses the frustrations the author has about people posting fitness and health progress on their [personal] FB pages.   The author gives 11 reasons to support her thesis with some photos for examples.

So here they are...the "Evil 11" with rebuttals!

1. They make completely average people think they are famous.
First of all, I'm "Not Your Average Jane," so do I even qualify to be called average? Haha, in my own mind I am not, but to others I am just "some gal."  I think the author thinks that fitness freaks have huge following fans that just wait for me to post information about my health.  I can tell you that my own fiancee doesn't even read my blog.

As for being well known? Sure.  In my circle of friends, I am quite well known.

2.  They make you feel bad for eating normal food.
**Face palm**
One of the MAIN reasons I decided to do the posting daily is because I am SO SICK of people telling me what I eat "isn't normal."  HELLO!  An apple is more natural than a box of Teddy Grams or a bag of chips!  Clean eating is about eating natural and whole foods.  Many times this means avoiding the processed junk found at the grocery store.    If an Oreo cookie is supposed to be considered "normal food" then I apologize now for misinforming everybody for the past month [you know all of my fans because I am super famous and all] on what good food is.  Whoops!

3.  They think this is sexy.
The "this" is a photo of a woman who is buff showing off her arms.  I will admit, I do not think the photo is "sexy" at all.  How about we all have our own opinions and agree to disagree on this one!

4.  They only know how to express themselves in meme form.
I'm quite sure I am very good at posting Facebook Status that clarify how I feel.  I am also good at using my own mouth to bury myself into a hole.  FYI.

5.  They complain about their self-imposed lifestyle.  [aka meal prepping]
Yes, because the only people that complain about their self-imposed lifestyles are people who are fitness freaks.  What about people who have to file taxes?  They imposed that on themselves and have the right to complain about it on FB!  Or how about the lazy people who self-impose their lifestyles by eating "normal" foods and complain how fat or unhealthy they are?  People complain sometimes; GET OVER IT!

And FYI--while I complain about many things, meal prepping and doing my fitness isn't one of them.  In fact, I am happy and proud God gave me a body that is able to work so well!

6.  They upload photos and videos of workouts that anyone can do.
Yup...ANYBODY can do a pull up...enough said about that.

7.   They suddenly believe they are certified nutritionists
I can tell you that I am a lot closer to being a certified nutritionist than the self-imposed unhealthy Joe's that can do a pull up like a boss.  You know, the guy that weighs 300 pounds and complains about not being able to do anything while eating his "normal" food.

8.  They "follow" and "like" people and posts as if they belong to a cult...which they do.
I think they are called Facebook Groups still...[?]

9. Neon clothing.
Actually, mint green is the huge workout wardrobe color this spring.  I know this because all BonTon has is mint green workout clothes.

10. Their food makes us sad.
I'm sure some people get sad by the food I eat...but since I've been posting my food on FB people have been begging me to give them the recipes!  Why? Because it makes them happy!  They want to try the yummy food!  Also, psychology studies have found that colorful dishes make a person happier...and clean folks eat colorful dishes!  So I'm not sure how even psychologically you could get sad over colorful dishes.

And more importantly, wouldn't you rather have me share recipes than drugs?

11.  They date each other, procreate and form tribes of weight lifting spawn.
This one makes me the most angry!  Would you rather have healthy people give birth to unhealthy people who are going to need medical assistance or need medication [perhaps supported by you through your taxes?]  I mean, we have all of these wonderful programs like "National Nutrition Month," "Play it 60" and "Jump Rope for Heart," that are supposed to encourage fitness, but OH if you grow up and have kids YOU MUST become unhealthy again?  What?  When I become a mother, I want to instill healthy choices into my kids.  I want them to grow up trying lots of clean foods and recipes because it is healthier to eat them.  I do not want them to suffer the health issues that myself and the generations before me suffered.  Why would I quit a good thing?

And more importantly, why would you encourage bad health onto your kids?

It is like Michele always says...idiots are everywhere!

I am sure the author had a good reason for writing what she wrote.  Perhaps she was being sarcastic about the entire issue.  Perhaps she is just jealous she is unable to get her health into full gear.  Maybe she believes the way she eats is good and there is no need to be a clean eater.  Whatever the case is, this article sure made waves in the healthy eating world!

So what do you think?  Is Facebook boasting about your progress a good thing?  Or is it a bad thing?  Should people like me limit what we post about?  Are fitness raves completely annoying or are they inspirational?  Write something in the comment section below [or on my FB page!]

I will start reposting foods!



  1. You are fully entitled to post whatever you want on facebook. These are things that you celebrate in your life, and you post (alot) about them because they are a large portion of your life and what you care about.

    I don't read alot of your posts, because, while I am supportive, fitness/health currently isn't part of my focus right now.

    So sure, do your own thing, and the people who are annoyed need to adjust their preferences in regards to your feed and their attitudes.

    1. I quite agree Vicki! I appreciate your honesty about the subject! We all have things we love to do and that's the one thing I love to do [currently!]


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