Monday, May 26

I Need to Apologize...

Hello Everybody!

Tonight's blog entry is an apology.

There has been some backlash regarding my recent posts about my running.  I wrote earlier this month that I had a run and it was "slow."   Several people messaged me their concern about what my definition of "slow" really is.

Last week my amazing fiancé, Kyle, ran is FIRST 10K; the Madison Twilight Run!  Here we are pre-race, ready and roaring to go!

Despite making this amazing goal, he's been feeling a little bummed about his time.  I didn't see why, the guy ran 6.2 FREAKING MILES.  In the heat.  At night.  After bumming around and doing errands all day.  No time to train in weeks ahead of time.

And yet, the guy showed up.  What's to feel bad about? NOTHING.  He did it! YAHOO!

Truth is.   It does NOT matter what your pace is.

I am sorry that I lead anybody to believe it matters.  It doesn't!

Running is what you make of it.  You can make it about yourself or you can make it about other people.   While I like to run with people, I like to compete with eM.   To eM, a 9:30 pace is not my fastest run, but a mid-tempo run, which I need to accomplish during training.  I also complete 9:45 minute miles (my slow run), 10 minute miles (my easy run), my 9:00 minute miles (my 10K goal pace) and my 8:30 miles [only when it's time to sprint!] To my good friend Niki, a 9:30 pace is a slow, easy jog in the park.  Her mid-tempos are in the 8:30's with her sprints much closer to 7:50 per mile!  [I think I got that right.]  Both of our ideas of mid-tempo runs, slow runs and fast runs are completely different!

It's really about each of their own.   Whatever pace you do, whatever distance you do, it's on YOU.  YOU should be proud of that distance, because somewhere, somebody you know didn't even bother to try at all.  YOU showed up!  YOU gave it all you got!  And guess what?  The MORE you do it, the FASTER you'll become!  Frequency and consistency are the keys you need to speed up your run!

So once again, if I sound egocentric about my paces or snobbish because I think a pace I make is something that is unreachable for you at this moment, I am very sorry.  I don't want anybody to stop running because I made them feel as if they weren't "good enough."  You are!  Keep working at it!

Over and out!


Thursday, May 22

I Can't Believe It, I Ran a [Freaking] [Half] Marathon!


I did it!!!

I ran a half marathon!!!!  I ran a half marathon!!!  Did you hear...I ran a half marathon!!!!

I can't tell you how exciting that moment was when I crossed the finish line...blood sweating, heart pounding, body shaking...

Let me tell you, two years ago if you told me that I could have ran a half marathon I would have laughed in your face!  Heck even six months ago if you told me I could run a half marathon I'd laugh at you.    I didn't think it was possible.  I thought that it was one of those "it would be nice but that isn't me" kind of thing.    I'm sure that's what my co-runner-pal, Niki said too.  In fact, I remember when both Niki and I said that "going to the gym wasn't our thing."  We just weren't into making good healthy choices.

But now...we both ran a freaking half marathon!

This is us animals

and now...1/2 Marathon Runners!

Crazy how things have changed!

I ran that town.  I ran that sucker in 2 hours 7 minutes and 13 seconds:)

And what a feeling!

I am now contemplating on running another half marathon, however I don't know which one would be a good fit for me.  I want a race that will be challenging, local and fun to do!   Right now I'm thinking of doing the Discover Whitewater Half Marathon.   It will be within close proximity of Watertown so no long distance traveling is needed.  Next year I REALLY want to do the Rock and Roll Chicago 1/2 Marathon!

Others think it would be a lot cooler if I trained to run a marathon.  Maybe even the Green Bay Cellcom Marathon...?

Dare I laugh?  Na, because I do see the great long 26.2 in my very distant future.

In the meantime, I am still recovering from my run.  I am still sore and very hungry all of the time.  [Oh wait that's normal for me!]  I've been doing a lot of yoga this week!  I'm glad I "found my yoga" again because it's been helping me stretch and sleep better!  [I could use both of those more often!] If you are looking for some great yoga workouts, look no further than clicking here.  This link is from Yoga Download, which offers free 25 minute videos or with a 18.00 membership, you can have unlimited access to downloading all types of yoga videos!

I hope that I feel better before Saturday.  I am participating in the Twilight 10K with Kyle up in Madison!

Either way, cheers to finishing up a 1/2!  I cannot wait to train and run for another!


Sunday, May 11

The Final Countdown!!! [I Need Your Help!]

Hey All!

T-6 days until the GB Cellcom!

I am asking for your help!  I am looking for 12 people to "sponsor" a mile for me.  It's quite easy.

A] Message me to let me know you are interested!
B] I'll give you a mile.
C] Write a short letter of encouragement!  It can say anything you want!  Just make sure that you sign it with the phrase, "You Got This!"  It doesn't need to be very long; about 3-5 sentences!
D] Message it to with the label MILE [x].  I will look at them on Saturday night when I write them down on index cards.  On race day I will reread them as I complete your mile!

If you know anybody that would be interested, please spread the word!  This race is HUGE for me!  I still can't believe I am going to run 13.1 miles in SIX DAYS!


Saturday, May 10

Even More Exciting News!

Hey All!

Last blog entry, you heard that I will be working in West-Allis as a teacher:)

Well, we have even MORE exciting news!

Kyle and I just got approved to live in our top apartment choice in good old Watertown, WI!

Why Watertown?  Well, it's a great location!  It's large enough that there are things to do, yet it is small enough that things are not overly expensive.  Kyle can still work at his jobs and put himself through school, while I can work in West Allis too.  What's nice is we both will have to drive about the same distance for both of our jobs.  Therefore neither of us feels one has to drive farther than the other one.  It's a close to HWY 94 so it's quick and easy driving on our cars.  Also, it's a LOT closer to Green Bay too.  [Hello mom!]

Kyle and I took a trip up to Watertown today.  I wanted him to see the area and I wanted to drop off some more paperwork for the apartment.  Well, as luck would have had it, we happened to run into our apartment manager!  She was more than excited to finally meet us in person!  She was more than delighted to take us into an apartment that had the exact same layout as our place!  Boy were we excited!

Here are some photos of our soon-to-be-place.

Here is our kitchen, with a dishwasher, lazy Susan and a really nice pantry! [You can't see the pantry.]

 Here is another angle of the apartment:

Here is the bathroom!  [There is a washer and dryer inside! YAY!!!!]

Down this hallway there are two bedrooms!

Finally..the living room!  It comes with a fireplace!

It's lovely!  In addition, it coms with a fitness center, pool, tons of walking trails, a garage and a place to grow your own garden!!!!  It's a nice quiet neighborhood that has tons of trails sprouting out all over the place! The coolest part of this place is it is in walking distance of Walmart, a coffee shop and several places to eat.  It's very easy to find as well:)  We get a little bit of that suburbia feel too.  Can't complain about this one:)

We are super excited about this move!  We will be moving at the end of June [next month!!!!!]  If anybody has any boxes they can donate for us that would be wonderful!!!


Tuesday, May 6

The News Carol Has Been Itching to Know!

Hey Everybody!

I FINALLY can post what I have been DYING to say to everybody for the past few weeks!  Ugh!  It's been killing me! I promise you that! [It also has been killing Carol too!]

I, Emily Bielinski have happily accepted a teaching job at Horace Mann School in the West Allis/West Milwaukee School District.  I will be teaching 4/5 Kindergarten on it's first NxGl team for the age group!

That's is NxGl you say?

It stands for Next Generation Learning!  It's a program that inquires teachers to use their own creativity to develop a curriculum to individualize learning for every child!  [That means I will have to spend time working on a crap load of centers!]  The program also encourages the use of diverse learning and moves away from whole teaching.   It will also be the first time 4k goes to school all day!  [Yay, no more schedule confusion!]  This opportunity is golden for me!  I will be designing the first NxGl model classroom at Hoarce Mann.  I will also be designing new curriculum.   My kids will have iPads.  I will have a wide range of materials to help me design this curriculum as well as cool gadgets like Apple TV! Myself and another teacher will be spearheading the program at Hoarce Mann for the 2014-2015 School Year!

While my official title is "4/5 Kindergarten NxGl Teacher," the principal said that using the word Kindergarten is a lot shorter and easier to say at family functions and social media so feel free to use that instead.  Shew.  Thank God.

I am very sad to leave Saint Patrick's School because it is such a wonderful community, they will always have a special place in my heart.  I will miss all of my kids and the friendly family oriented environment.   I feel that my time at Saint Patrick's School has given me lots of great tools to be very successful at Hoarce Man and I'll always be thankful for that.  I want to make it very clear my reasons for leaving Saint Patrick has NOTHING to do with Saint Patrick.  It's a great school with great kids, teachers and families.  My reasonings for leaving Saint Patrick have everything to do with how both Kyle and I feel what is best suited for us.   We are both super excited about our future and cannot wait to share more about this exciting new path we are on!