Tuesday, March 18

Day 11: S is for Snacks!

Hey All!

I hope everybody had a fantastic day!

I've been on the brain about snacks.  Snacks are such tricky animals.  What is considered a snack and what is considered a meal?

Clean eating encourages you to eat at least 6x a day; three meals and three snacks.   Not everybody follows this practice.  Some eat when hungry.  Some eat 3 meals and 1 snack.  Finally, some eat just 6 tiny meals all ranging between 300 calories a piece.

For me; snacking is about 200 calories or less while a meal is over 200 calories.    Also, this changes if I am going on a run.  All my running snacks are around 250 calories!

I think if you get the snacking under control then you are SET!  Man oh man is it sometimes hard to do this.  This past weekend I struggled with this.  I had two chocolate eggs which turned to 4...5...6...17...18..19...20...ugh. It's hard when one gets hungry!

This week I am going to work on getting better snacks.  I feel that most of the snacks that I have repeat over and over again.  I sure feel like there are days that I am "sick" of my own snacks!

So what do I snack on? Here are some recent snacks I have eaten; not all have photographs associated with them.  However, this is what I have had in the last month or two at the most.

1] Apple with peanut butter/walnuts.

2] Banana with carrots

3] Clementines with Tea

4] Slice of toast with cashews or walnuts.
5] Apple with cottage cheese
6] slice of toast with bananas on top
7] FiberOne Bar
8] Pumpkin Protein Bar c/Tea

9] Hard boiled Eggs
10] Grapes with sweet peppers [my snack for today!]

What are some of the snacks that you eat?  Please share with me what you eat for snacks!  I would love to hear what you eat so I can expand my clean eating!!!

This is what I ate today!

Breakfast: 1 Egg c/1/8 of Egg Substitute Scramble c/Toast

Lunch: Dunkin Doughnut Bagel c/Shepard's Pie and Sweet Potato [I did not eat the sweet potato because I was feeling full/]

Dinner: Turkey Casserole c/Whole grain noodles and mushrooms

That's all for now!  Have a great day!

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