Saturday, March 8

Day 6: Counting Calories or Eating "Right?"

Hey Everybody!

Happy Saturday!  Boy am I tired!

So today I decided to enter in all of my food intake on a calorie counter.  I used a calorie counter before and found it very helpful!  However, are they necessary?

I think not.


I think accountability is what keeps you on track until the habit becomes habitual.

Some people I know are lifer's with calorie counters and it has helped them so much! It's beneficial because they are able to monitor what they eat at all times.  They can track things such as vitamins and minerals which are commonly thrown to the side during healthy eating in training.  I have used the infamous app; My Fitness Pal to help me with this and it's been successful.  I've seen others do Weight Watchers, or LiveStrong or even just keep a food journal.   All of those strategies are great to start keeping track of what you eat and what goes into your body!

I also know people who are on the other side that HATE calorie counting.  They have called it "slave driven," "unrealistic," "not true lifestyle changing."  Their argument is that since eating healthy is in their "habitual behaviors" they do not need to count calories.  They listen to their bodies and just eat when it is time and stop when it is time.

Where do I fall on this?

In both!

I don't strictly count calories; only when I feel like I need to.  [You'll see what I exactly do in just a second.] My end goal would just be able to be, well, free from everything!  It would be nice for me to be able to turn off when I'm full and to turn on when I'm hungry, but that's not me.  My fiancé is great at this.  He could have one tiny bite sitting in front of him and he will not eat it if he is full.  I on the other hand, calculated a certain amount of calories for the meal so will lick up the plate;)  We still get along;)  He would never survive doing a calorie counter while I find the benefits of it.  He's lost over 60 pounds and I've lost over 40; we inspire each other!

To each to their own I say!

Just a food for thought;

In order to be successful at anything you have to have accountability!  Who are you going to answer to for making the choices that you are making? What is going to keep you honest and accountable for your actions?

Cheating will result in poor habits and you will pay dearly for it with your health.

A few things that have kept me honest:
-Tracking my calorie intake with Weight Watcher Points System
-Paying for a membership
-Budgeting how much money I spend on food
-Having a trainer ask me every week what I've been eating
-Blogging about my food on this site.
-Calorie Counters like MyFitnessPal
-Friends who have lost weight who I look to for inspiration
-Friends who do not make good health choices [reminds me of what could happen if I don't make good choices]
-My family and their own health issues [especially my dad's side of the family who is all obese!]

And most recently...

-My own graphic organizer, which keeps me watching not for calories, but for habits and reasons I eat food.  I pay attention to what times I eat and what goes in my mouth during those times.  I've been able to track when is my hardest part of the day and when I am the most successful.  I also track when I am emotionally eating and eating for hunger.   I write my goal at the top of the page each day as a reminder of what I am working for! [Ah goals, remember to have them!]

Here is a picture of my graphic organizer! It's up here for anybody that wants to steal it, use it, abuse it or love it!  If you want the actual document [I don't know how to set up downloads on here yet], just send me a comment and I will get you hooked up!  I'll send it you via word document so you can alter the headings if you'd like!

What works for you?  Feel free to share! I'd love to hear how you keep yourself healthy!

As for meals, here is what I ate today!

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs c/Banana

While this was good, it was way too many calories for me.  I screwed up by putting too much cheese into the mix.  I should have used a smaller portion, which would have made this less salty too!  Next time I'm also going to add tomatoes to the mix.  This little meal was almost 600 calories! [This includes the orange juice that I had.]  I felt bad about this one, then again this is my heaviest meal of the day and I knew I was going to be active at work and after work so it will be okay:)

Lunch: Leftover Pizza c/Yogurt

It was originally two pieces of pizza.  I seriously love the pizza! Perfectly yummy!

Dinner: Grape Chicken w/Lentil Salad

This. Was. Amazing!

Super pain to make, but it was worth it!  I got to use my brand new rice cooker to make the lentils, which was awesome!  I wish I could share with you the recipe, but it is not my creation.  I would feel that I am cheating the author for sharing the recipe on a page that can be seen by everyone.  If you are interested in how to get the recipe send me a message or write in the comments and I will hook you up! I can assure you that this recipe takes time and a lot of dishes, but it is worth it!  My favorite part were the grapes because their flavor changed and it rocked my world!

1.  Slice of turkey
2.  Pre-Workout Snack: carrots and a banana

Super good, but I didn't eat all of my carrots, whoops!

3. 1oz of chips and a chicken wing. [Don't ask, it was in the fridge! I needed protein!]

That's all for now!


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