Monday, March 10

Day 8: Try New Foods!

Hey All!

I hope you all enjoyed the weather!  I sure did!

Tonight I want to talk about trying new foods.   A good friend of mine called me asking for advice on what to eat for a good source of potassium (other than bananas.)  This got me thinking; hm; to lose weight we have to change our dietary habits.  However, where do we start!

I know! I know!  The grocery store!

You may have been in the grocery store 1,000 times, but have you ever looked for things in your grocery store?  I can tell you I get the blinders on and neglect to look at all of the food in the store!

I challenge you to try something with me!

Please, buy one fruit and one vegetable you have either A) never had before or B) have not had in over three years!

Why 3 you say?  Well studies show that your tastes and tastebuds change every three years.  So you may have hated that pineapple when you were a teen, but you might love it now!  [BTW-This actually happened with me and pineapples too!]

Here are the foods I tried that would fit into this challenge!

New Foods:
-Brussels Spouts
-White beans
-Kidney Beans
-Sweet potatoes

Try Again Foods:

The list could go on, but you get the idea!

Do I like all of these?  Actually yes, I do like these foods.  Not all of them are my super favorite, but I am glad I tried them again!   Onions were the biggest scapegoats of them all.  I used to LOATHE onions, but now I will eat them raw! [Kyle thinks I'm strange for doing such a thing!]

Give it a shot!  You never know what you will find.  Tonight I found this lovely gem...

Haha!  I found one other item in the store, but I will wait towards the end of the entry to share with you what that exactly was!

Here's my food intake for the day!

Breakfast: Poached Eggs on Sandwich Bites

That's right...I ate this again!  It will be eggs all this week!  This time I added cherry tomatoes!  YUM!

Snack 1: Frosted Mini-Wheats

Lunch: Leftovers...with Yogurt, a Pretzel and 16 Animal Crackers (Not pictured.)

Snack: (Combined with my runner's snack!) A full banana and some carrots!

Dinner: Adult Home-made Grilled Penni c/Clementines and Sour Cream and Onion Chips

Other than the fact I burned it, this was an amazing meal!  I had some cheese and a little bit of turkey to get my dose of protein in.  I also stuffed it with adult foods such as mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach.  Next time I want to get avocado or apples to go inside of it!

Snack: Tea APPLE PEAR!

This is the BEST!   First of all, I did not think this was a real thing!  When I walked by it at the grocery store, I nearly did a double take!  This fruit cannot be described in words besides saying it is a cross between a pear and an apple!  They are kind of pricey (4 for $5.00) so I only got one.  I will have to purchase them when they are in season or just once in a while!

So what new foods did YOU try today!?!?!  Let me know!  Please share! And as always, thanks for reading!


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