Thursday, March 6

Day 3: How DOES She Do It?

Hey Everybody!

I know I didn't post this yesterday...I wasn't ready to post it!  So now I post!  Tee-he!

I hear quite often from people “how do you find the time to cook and workout?”  It’s such a silly question because the answer is simple.  It’s all about priorities.  What do you want out of your life?  Here are just a few that I have used/I have heard throughout the years. 

A] I work/go to school. 
B] I’m too busy with {fill in the blank}
C] I’m active enough as it is.  I don’t need to be anymore active than I am now.
D] I’m healthy as it is.
E] I’m happy all ready, I don’t need to work out.
F] I am too tired to workout…it’s hard work and I just don’t need it.
G] I’m thinking of joining and gym and then I’ll get healthy…I just don’t have the money to do it right now.

Or the worst excuse…

H] I can’t.

All of these excuses are what they are…excuses.

I am guilty of making these excuses myself.   I used every reason that I posted up there as a way to hinder my own personal fitness and health goals.  I can’t tell you how many times I have fought my position until the bitter end.  When I moved down here, I knew I had to change, but didn’t put much effort into it.  However, when I went to the Janesville Athletic Club and got a health/budget assessment, the numbers pointed out what I was fearing; I needed help.   It got me thinking…but the real even that put me over the edge was my mom’s emergency heart stint that made me say…”oh…I could DIE from HEART DISEASE!”  Then I was ready.  I changed my dietary habits, I got serious about running, I got a personal trainer who pushed me further than I ever thought possible, I started taking control of my life and the results are AMAZING.  

In result of taking control of my life, these things happened: 

I feel great!
I have so much energy! 
I look amazing!
My calcium score is 0 [that means I have a VERY healthy heart!] 
I am inspirational! 

You have to be ready to let go and stop making excuses. 

Then you have to FIGHT to find the time!  At least I had to.  Boy was it hard at first, but I wanted to be healthy.  I wanted to make good choices.  I wanted to reap all the benefits of working out!

So…if you are ready to throw away the excuses, but still need some sort of game plan on how to achieve what you want read on!  I wrote 5 tips on how to manage time to eat/workout the way you want to!

#1 Schedule an Appointment
Give yourself permission to make time to do something for you.  Put your work-out in your calendar and set an alarm.  I usually set 2; one that goes off 24 hours before and one that goes off the morning of my appointment.  This way I am reminded of what I am going to do fitness-wise.

2#Create a Game Plan for the Week
Decide what you are going to eat for the week.  Post it somewhere so you don’t forget.  I typically plan meals for the week ahead on Thursdays/Friday’s.  Then I go grocery shopping on Sunday’s/Monday’s for the food for the week.  That way it is all there for me to cook.  I then write my foods on my meal board located in my kitchen.  I'm reminded of what I am going to eat which gets me excited for foods AND reminds me of my foods! This is an older model of what I have:) 

That’s right…when you come home from the grocery store, cut up all of your produce!  Brown your meat and then freeze it right away so you can preserve it. 

 #4 Buy a Cookbook!
Seriously, buy one!  Go through the pages and get excited for what you are going to do.  When you are excited about doing something, no matter what time at night it is, you will make it!  This is one of my new favorites!  Go buy it! 

#5 Leftovers for Lunch
Make enough for a few days.  Use the leftovers for your lunch meal the next day.  I always try to get 3-4 servings per meal.  I separate them all out into containers so they are ready to go! 

#6 Share It!
One of my good fitness buddies, Kayla always shares her food [she calls it #foodporn] on Facebook.  I LOVE seeing her food posted because it is very inspirational and motivating for me.  I love getting new ideas on how I can incorporate clean foods into my meals.  I like doing the same thing [although I don't call my posts food porn;not that brave].  I hope my posts inspire others to make good choices! 

#7 Cook Night!
It all started with my friend Leah and I...making good recipes.  Then Kristina joined in on the team.  Then I moved away and Brittany started making good food with Leah and Kristina.  Now we all make good foods.  Sometimes we do "air dates" and make the same foods and discuss the cooking process.  On occasion I cook food for my friends from BonTon; which always goes over well!  Making it social encourages friends to also make good eating choices!  And spreading the word about good health is always awesome to do!

Me and my BonTon Ladies!

Leah and I cooking Rogan Josh!

Kristina and Leah make some Greek Food! Yum! 

Speaking are my meals for March 5th: 

Breakfast: Poached Eggs on Whole Grain Toast with Spinach and Dressing with a OJ on the side:) 

This is one of my favorite breakfasts' to make! It's very simple!  The "sauce" is nothing but a tablespoon of plain yogurt mixed with garlic powder, onion powder and chives:) 

Lunch: A Hand Tossed Salad with Leftover Med Salad and Greek Yogurt 

My co-worker Diane made a great hand tossed salad...I was so in love:)  I've got nothing else. 

Snack: Apples w/Walnuts and Peanut Butter

Fats are good for you.  And did I mention I have been having a bad romance with apples and peanut butter?

Dinner: More Med Salad c/Applesauce! 

Because I was doing AfterCare until 5:15 and then and to be at work at awesome fiancé,  Kyle brought me some more Med Salad to eat with my Applesauce.  

Other foods I ate:
-small handful of nuts [10:00]
-Fiber One Bar [10:00]
-1 hard-boiled egg [9:30PM]

Yum!  I will post Day 4 food tomorrow in the AM!  Thanks for looking!


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