Tuesday, March 25

Day 13-15 Technology and Your Health

Hello Everybody!

Spring break is HERE! YAY!!!!!!!!!

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy for break!

It's been a nice few days back in the Frozen Tundra!  I had the chance to meet up with some of my buddies at my favorite hang out.  I also got a chance to play mass.  I got some wedding plans figured out.  I filed my taxes.  I got to work out.  I got to eat... whew, it was a good time!

Over the past few days I have been experimenting with brand new apps.  I love being able to use my iPad in my fitness and health.  It's super convenient because it does a lot of the work for me.  I am able to have all of my information in one location!  And since I have this wonderful iPad of mine, I figured I'd try to use it as much as possible!  I can cook in the kitchen without the fear of my books getting damaged or full of stuff.  My iPad is secured in an otter box so there is no fear other than making sure my food is extra YUMMY!

So what are some good apps to use in the kitchen or at the gym?  Tonight I am going to give you good apps for kitchen/cooking use, NOT including MyFitnessPal. [Since everybody and their mother is on it anyways!]  Tomorrow I will do the working out apps!

1) Pepper Plate

Price: Free
Need Account: Yes!
Start Right Now! 

So far my favorite app to use!  Pepper Plate is the place where you can store all of your recipes on one domain.  Pepper Plate is compatible with all devices so you can type up the recipe on your computer, pull it up on your iPhone for easy reference at the grocery store and then pop it up on your iPad while cooking.  You can even download the "pepper pin" so when you are surfing the Internet for new recipes you do not have to go back into Pepperplate to log the information in.  You can click on the magic button [it's similar to a Pin button] and the box of info will appear.  Some websites, such as allrecipies is embedded into Pepperplate so no typing is required!  Included in this app is a timer too so you can have multiple timers going on at once.   Included in this app is a meal plan and menu option so you can figure out what you are eating for an entire year if you wanted!  From there you can create grocery lists and save your eating patterns.  The downside to this app is you can't make friends on it.

2) All the Cooks!

Price: Free!
Need Account: No!
Start Right Now!

All the Cooks is a small community of cooks who wants the world to just eat good clean food.  These cooks are AWESOME!  They are just a bunch of "average people" who want to see you healthy!  How cool is that!?!?!

When you open the app up you see beautiful photos of foods that you only wish you could make look so sexy!  You can look up recipes that people have created as well as import your own recipes.  Click on your favorite recipe and follow the instructions with very clear and helpful photos!  You can check off each step as you complete it.  You can take your own photo of your completed meal and it will be added to the photos of the recipe!

There are news feeds and forums to help inspire your every single cooking dreams and aspirations too! The downside to this app is you cannot use it on your desktop or laptop, making it hard to import all of your favorite recipes from your books.

3) All Recipes!

Price: Free!
Need Account: No, but you can if you want!
Start Right Now!

Another free app that helpful in getting your cooking on!  All recipes is the website, but in app form.   It is easy to file and find those favorite apps.  You can save recipes in your recipe box if you have an account.  Just a great search engine app for those who use this site often!

4) iPick Produce

Price: Free, but upgrade for 1.99
Need Account: No!
Start Right Now!

EXCELLENT APP FOR PICKING GOOD PRODUCE!  You want to know about picking good produce?  This is the app!  The app shows when the produce is best, when to avoid it, how to store it and any extra information.    I use this app ALL OF THE FREAKING TIME BECAUSE IT IS A GREAT APP!

The first version, the .99 cent version you get about 50 or so types of produce.  You can upgrade to the "full version" for only 1.99 in total.  Then you get bout 250 different types of produce.  You will not know what to do with all of this information!  I probably spent about 2 hours of my Sunday just looking up different types of produce and dreaming about what I could possibly do with them.

You can also add your own notes and make your own category boxes if you so please!  [I plan on adding a "when in season" section.]  You can see all different types of apples, peppers, berries, lettuce, squash and more!  I like that because not all apples, oranges, grapes, peppers, onions are made equal.  Exotic foods are there as well, which is good for those who want to cook with them but have nowhere to begin.

5) Look and Cook!

Price: Free
Need Account: No!
Start Right Now!

Another great photo-esque app!  Look at the pretty pictures...select one and you will get to see a photo of all the ingredients that you need.  From there it breaks it down step by step with very clear and helpful photos as your visual guide!

This app is great who have never worked with some of the techniques before.   You get a full understanding of some of those difficult cooking techniques.  Pictures are extremely clear and helpful.    There is also a section where you can click "shop" and you can purchase some of the tools that are needed to make the foods.  The downside is you cannot import your own recipes, as of yet!  This app got stunning review on the iTunes store!  

So what app are you going to use to start cooking? Do you have any apps that you like to use?  There are other ones out there, but these are the ones that I currently have and use!

Next time...you shall see some of the great fitness apps that I use!

Happy Cooking!

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