Tuesday, March 25

Day 16: Fitness Apps and You!


So just as I promised, I am here to give you part two of awesome fitness apps for you to use!  

I don't have as many to share as the cooking apps, but that's okay!

1) MapMyFranchise 

Price: Free + 2.99 purchase for MVP Level

There is a whole franchise with this app!  Map My Run, Map My Walk, Map My Bike...etc.  They are all the same in essence.  I love this app because I can turn on the GPS device and it will let me know what my pace and my distance are!  I can see what my other friends are doing and rant and rave about their success! Purchasing the MVP level helps you track your routes without having to make them!

2) Couch to 5K

Price: 1.00

Are you a walker looking to expand yourself into the running world?  Look no more than this app!  Couch to 5K is a coach that gets you from walker to runner status by training you to run that first 5K!  I like this app because it trains you how you should train; in intervals over a longer period of time.  

3) WOD

Price: Free!

If you are looking into getting with the CrossFit crowd, but cannot afford the membership look no more than this app!  WOD offers videos and workouts of different types of CrossFit activities that will get you sweating in no time!  Plus there is a newsfeed with articles about best practice with CrossFit and recipes to help you get going!  Each workout has a video to correspond with it so you are not walking into any workout blind!  Work to aspire!

4) All-In Yoga

Want to stretch more? Yoga is your app!  Yoga allows you to make up your own salutations according to your fitness level while also offering you some pre made routines to help you get inspired as well.  This app can be on you iPad but also your desktop computer too.  Each move is timed so you can get that full stretch for a good length of time.  There is no music in the background so you can put your own meditational music on instead.  The one downside is there is no true "meditation" section.  You will have to come up with your own after the app track is finished.  The upgraded version has 25 pre made workouts as well as pre made videos and more! 

Do you know any good workout apps that you would like to share? Please let me know so I can rant and rave about it!


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