Thursday, March 20

Day 12: Slow and Steady Wins the Race in the Kitchen, but not the Gym!

Hey Everybody!

Happy Spring!

Today was a great workout day for me!  It was a day where I took it easy teaching, walking, with a little bit of relaxing.  [This was during my prep time people! The kids were safe and good all day!] Thursdays can sometimes hard because Thursdays are typically my strength + run days. At first I did 30 minutes of strength followed by the 3 mile run on the treadmill.

Well then I realized THAT wasn't effective!  Now,  I usually to 50 minutes of strength training in the morning.  

Looks like I'm just lounging and having a kick back time taking photos.  Nope.  The instructor, Mandy is one TOUGH COOKIE.  Sarah makes things hard too...but the worst is when Lisa comes in with her big smile and her 10,000 push ups and lounges.  Makes me hurt for WEEKS!

Then in the evening, I run with the Run Janesville! group for a 5 mile run whenever possible.  Tonight was one of those nights I got to partake running with them, YIPPIE!

We look tough don't we?  Well let me tell you this group of people do NOT take it easy [unless it is an easy run day.]  Today was one of those days where I decided I needed to just get it all out and run like there was no other! I had to push out all of the crap that was harboring my body.

Ever get that urge? To push things as hard as you possibly can?  To "get it down ASAP so you can enjoy other really fun stuff while the sun is still shinning?"

Well I did...push things super hard during running club tonight...and I landed my new PR of a 8:36 mile pace!  WHOA!!!!  It was awesome to be able to keep up with the running club!  I felt that I was dying during the run, but the reward of being physically able to push my body in that type of setting was also rewarding.  We all were pretty excited about this personal goal.

Now I could have ran the 5 miles at my [recently slower pace of] 9:45 pace.  I could have just jogged down lightly and smiled at all the pretty people who were biking and letting their kids play by the water.  After all, it is about the distance not the intensity right?

WRONG! [Sometimes!]

True it is good to go 5 miles than not going at all.  However, this idea that going slower for longer is going to make you lose weight or maintain a healthy body is just junk!  It is like learning how to read.  Eventually you will have to read harder material.  Eventually you will have to try sounding out difficult words at a faster pace than usual.  This could be for a variety of reasons that I don't feel like making up.  Just trust me that there will be a day you are thankful for a teacher that made you read fast so you could gobble up your coffee while reading about my blogging.  [AHEM Don!!!!]

The fact is; if you want a stronger body you have to push...push...PUSH!

I am not talking about pushing for the entire workout.  Nope, just for PART of the workout!  This type of work out is called Interval Training or HIIT training.

It's when you put all of your effort into 30-90 seconds of working out.  That's right, turn up that resistance, run as fast as you can, lift those heavy weights.  Then...for about the same amount of time [or slightly longer] go back to your "moderate pace."  Or what I call "zero pace."  [You know the speed you go when you are day dreaming and not paying attention to what's going on...we've all done it, even me!] Rinse and repeat.

It's how walkers become runners.  It's how runners become faster runners.  It's how faster runners become even faster runners!  I know this is true because this is what I did to become a faster runner.

For me I do 4 types of runs a week; Tempo, Speed/Interval Work, Mid-Race Run, and Long Run.    Each run has a different purpose but all work towards the same goal; run faster and further.  My speed/interval work involves toggling the treadmill for an antagonizing 2.5 miles (about 22 minutes of pure hell) in order to teach my body how to push and recover during a race.  When your body is pushed at intervals it forces your body to burn energy, thus burning fat.  It strengthens your heart so you are able to hold your endurance longer [aka longer workouts!].  It helps to regulate your breathing and build lung capacity! Also, your body releases hormones to repair and build your muscles...which means a tight, toned body for YOU!

Even if you are not a runner, you can apply this theory to lifting weights [lift heavy for 30-90 and then rest] or for those cardio machines [go all hard for 30-90 and then recover!]

Your body deserves to be treated to it's absolute best!

So, if you are looking for a great interval work out...THIS one SUCKS!  I got it from SELF Magazine from their November Issue.  I've done this workout several times and it...HURTS!  I don't always go the pace that they tell me to, but if you go out of your comfort zone you WILL not only burn calories, but you WILL benefit from all of those cardio and muscle benefits too!

Here it is, made all pretty for you.  It's just a screen shot of what I have.  [I take my version to the gym on my iPad for easy reference!]  If you want the actual document, just let me know and I will email it to you!

Now if you apply that "pushing as quick as possible" rule to your food, you will FAIL!  Slow and steady wins the race there.  Take it a day at a time.  Do not try to implement every single clean eating philosophy in one day.  Heck don't even do it in one month.  As I have stated before, give yourself an entire month to overcome your limits and achieve your goals.  You will be more successful that way.   Believe me, the pounds will melt right off of you!  It happened that way to me; unlike any other method I've tried.  And did I mention I lost 50 pounds? [And have kept it off!]

And remember, you are doing this for YOU!  Not for me, not for your mom, not for your boy/girl friend.  Do it because you want the health benefits!

As for food.  I have decided I am not going to take a picture of every single thing I ate, only the new things that I ate for the blog.  I do not want to take pictures of the same egg scramble for an entire month.  Not only is it boring for you, but I think we all get the idea that I eat a lot of the same meals to save money and stay healthy!

Breakfast: Egg scramble c/toast
Lunch: Chicken fingers and veggies c/PB
Snacks: nuts, nuts and NUTS!  Banana and a protein bar!

Dinner: Skillet Spanish Chicken & Rice!

A great and easy recipe!  Only about 350 calories, but packed full of protein and other awesome vitamins!  This was a huge portion for the calorie toss off!  Heavily recommend for those who are on a late night and need a quick fix!  You can get the recipe by clicking here.

That's all for now!  Have a wonderful night! Off to do report cards!
<3 Em

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