Friday, July 20

Day 3 of VBS

Greetings Pals!

Two days ago.... I was too tired to post anything...after VBS, I spent the day with Meredith and Sam in Sheboygan.  We had a lot of fun...which led me to fall asleep after I got home! Then I started writing this blog entry on Thursday evening, but then Skyped with Brittany.  Our conversation lasted until about 2AM, so now it is officially two days late! Oh well!

So Wednesday at VBS was probably one of my favorite days! We did a LOT of painting! But before that, we went fishing! Here are the fish!

Each child had a chance to scoop out fish with a net, just like James and John did when they went fishing!

We had the kids take one "fish" out at a time so we could count them.  This way we were practicing out counting skills too! The kids loved it!  Mr. Steve came in and tried to "fish" but he wasn't able to do it, so he asked the kids to help him.  They taught him how to fish, and he ended up catching 4 fish!

Then we painted!

We took marbles, dipped them in paint and painted the plates by rolling the marbles around!

Only three marbles fell on to the ground....

My mom worked in the letter recognition area...

The kids drew a card and then they had to find it's match (which was written on a fish.) The fish didn't stick to the fishing poles, but that's all right! My mom said they wanted to do this activity again the next day!

My favorite was when we worked with SAND!

The kids put glue on the stripes and the poured sand over it...

...some of our friends decided to just color the fish.  However, most of them followed instructions:) It's all's just Bible Camp...not real life!!!

Here are the final ones!

We also made little "Ocho's" aka the Octopus! The kiddos cut legs and then colored the toilet paper rolls.  I sadly didn't get as many photos as I wanted to, but there isn't time when you are teaching sometimes!

That's all for now... Part 4 will come very soon!



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