Thursday, July 12

Twas the Thursday Before VBS...

 Hello Everybody!

As the days wind down before VBS starts, I am getting more and more things ready! While I am responsible for doing the work, I always get some help.  I'm blessed to say that my friends are used to helping me out.  They know when I say "let's go out for coffee," I really mean "I need you to do some mindless project for me that will benefit children." They roll right along with the punches and always help out...for a small price:)

Well, yesterday was one of those days.  Brittany and I first met up at Carrot Tree Cafe in Pulaski for some R&R.  Turns out...  I put her to work. Brittany started erasing my fish for me. 

While she was erasing the numbers on my fish, I wrote my students' names on the fish.  I wrote them on tiny fish so I can post them on the door.


 I also wrote them on large fish so they know where their carpet seat will be at VBS!

Brittany also cut up my tissue paper for me! Why cut tissue paper? Well...why not? (Just kidding!) We are going to glue tissue paper to represent "gills" on a fish. 

Isn't she a trooper for cutting all of these things for me? 

While she cut my tissue paper... I made one of the projects the kids are going to make.  They will be gluing feathers onto a dove.  Why? Because the dove is an important symbol in the church!  We are going to be talking about how the dove symbolizes Baptism.   I was worried that this project would be "too hard" for the kids, but it was very simple.  Brittany thought it looked awesome...and if she says it looks awesome...then I GUESS it is all right! ;) 

I am hoping they understand the symbolism behind the dove.  We will talk about it throughout the hopefully it will stick!

I also practiced reading my flannel board stories.  Turns out that most of the people at the coffee shop were watching and listening! Below is the story of John Baptizing Jesus! Needles to say...I am going to need some more practice! It didn't help that Brittany was making fun of me...and that I had a crowd watching me:)

Then, after I left Brittany, I headed over to Cafe Express where Vanessa, Vicki and Liz sorted out all of the tissue paper squares! 

Here they are...working hard! Poor Vanessa didn't expect to work...but Vicki and Liz knew better!


Liz even smiled for the camera!


So the end result of everybody's hard work looks like this:


All that for just that huh?

What do you think...excited for VBS as the final steps are being set up? Please stay attuned to my blog over the next several days: Bible School starts on July 16th! (That's THIS Monday!) I will be posting every night on what we did and how much fun it was!!!!