Monday, July 16

Day 1 of VBS!

Hey All,

Today was the first day of VBS...and OMG has it been a great time!

Before I get to that though, I must back up and tell you about yesterday's adventure.  Yesterday was VBS Set up day, aka a very long day! Last year, mom and I scrambled to get things set up and ready for the classroom.  This year, we had everything planned out, however, we needed the man power.  So I asked Leah and Brittany to help set up the classroom this year.  We worked on it for about 6 hours...but the end result is amazing...

Here it is...ready???

Well, this is what the place looked like first...

Then after some very hard work...the classroom now looks like this:


Here are more pictures of the room!
We hung up table cloths for the water and ground.  Then we took the Cricut and made enough fish to last us all a lifetime!

I will be sitting on the treasure chest for teaching...

This is my teaching area... my flannel board serves as my whiteboard, the baskets are for my centers.

As always, Resurrection makes an appearance (which we are very happy about!) this time, they lent us some fabric.  In result, we made a waterfall for the kids! Originally we wanted it hang it higher, but this height actually works out better!

Then there's the "Ark Area."  The ark area is the arrival site for the children.  They come to the site and can either color, draw, read books, or play with blocks.  They love sitting on the bean bag chair and reading a good book!

Another view of the arrival site!

This is mom's bean bag...again...Resurrection lent us the bag:) Thanks guys!

More wall space!

Here are the mailboxes... Marie suggested for us to use shoe boxes.  We found enough for the kids, painted them blue and put them on a rack!

More wall space.  This table is for the art and science center!

A closer look at the mailboxes...

For the wall, we used noodles to make seaweed.  We stuffed tissue paper in them to make coral.

Another view of the classroom!

The door: we covered cellaphane paper over the windows to make the underwater theme stick out.  Each child's name is written on a die-cut on the door as well.

The other side!

The doors together!

On the inside doors, we made jellyfish.  Mom cut bowls in half and I added cray paper to them. The results were awesome, however, they tend of fall down!

Mom took her fish and put them on the "death" candle....thank goodness nobody at Old Saint Joe's died this week...(we put the death candle in their seat to show that a person passed away.)

My area: the green baskets are for science.  Red is for drama, and blue is for arts and crafts.  This way things are easy access.

The felt board! 

Mom's trees!

We used fabric to cover up things we didn't want the kids to touch.  We also put beanie babies on a net! We will use this on Wednesday!

Another overview! 

One more!

Ah, one more!

 I hope you like my classroom...totally worth the aches and pains! Please comment on what you think!  (My comment section should be at the bottom of the entry, please scroll down, if it isn't there, please leave it on Facebook!) PLEASE... LEAVE ME SOME SORT OF FEEDBACK!!!  I want to know what you think! Thanks so much for everybody who's helped, especially Leah Allen, Brittany de Laruelle and Sue Bielinski:) You guys are the best!!!





  1. Just so you know you can comment on your blog... however, you have a lot of space after your post. Just thought I'd let you know! :) Classroom looks great!

  2. You rock. Your room looks fabulous. 2 questions: 1. Is there a piano? 2. Do people walk in from the kitchen to play aforementioned piano?.

    <3 Mer


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