Monday, July 9

I Stepped in It....Read to Find Out What the Heck I Did Now!

Hello Everybody!

I stepped in it! Seriously. I am going to be in such trouble!!!

OH OH! It's because I have taken up a new craft...beading!

I've always wanted to bead...but never knew how to start.  Well, turns out that a few days ago, I was sick of sitting in the tin can known as my parents house.  I called Jamie and begged her to let me come over and enjoy the breeze.  Turns out that she offered to help me start making my very first beaded necklace.

So I tried and I tried and I tried and this is what I came up with...

The floor doesn't show off the length of the here is another one!

A closer look at the beads... 

I did a different pattern when it came closer to the pendent.  Here is what I have! What do you think? Good idea? Bad? Jamie gave me four of her special butterfly beads... no idea what they are made of, but they are beautiful!

A closer look on how the main part of the necklace works with the center!

This is how it sits on my neck.  The photo doesn't do the color justice, but I think the other ones give you the idea of how beautiful it is!

Isn't it adorable? Now I know nothing about beading except all the beads she had were very pretty and nice.  I think the purple is amethyst and the blue beads are seed beads...but that's about it! I'm willing and waiting for anybody out there who can correct me please!

Ever since I made this necklace...I can't take it off! People have said how awesome it looks and now it is "so me!" I love it!

The downside...? It takes forever to make! I thought I was going to die just sitting there beading one seed bead at a time.  After a while I figured out how to make it go by faster.  Just like anything worth takes time!

Please comment and tell me what you think!


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