Wednesday, July 11

I'm Going Back, Back to Vintage Style!

Hey All!

By now you should have noticed that the blog looks a LOT different! I spent about 3 hours trying to make the page look more "Em." I'm into the earth tones and the indie/vintage feel.  To further reflect that idea, I redesigned my page from the basic blog to a more complex and customized look.  Stay tuned, because you never know how long I'll stick with this layout! Also, keep checking to see what the "tagline" says.  I'll be changing it often!   Something magical might happen if you mention to me what my new tagline is each time it changes!

And most importantly: please let me know how you feel about the page! And if I'm missing a blog that needs to be on my sidebar, let me know and I will add it!


I am slowly getting more behind in my scrapbooking...I blame the weather! It's too hot to do anything but melt away the pounds! (I wish!)

Anyways, here are my most recent scrapbook pages! This one is from our wine party back in March! (I am aware that was almost six months ago!)

I used vintage "My Mind's Eye" paper.  I got it from Hobby Lobby on sale! I love the pages because they give an antique feel to them. It isn't hard to look antique if you have the paper!

In addition to the paper, I decided to try to make my own tags! I used the Tim Holtz method: inking paper with Distress Inks.  I used some of my stamps to illustrate the wine night.  I also wrote my own title.  I am very proud of my nice neat handwriting!

This page is from St. Patrick's Day 2012.  Meredith, Brittany, Megan, Andrea and I went to Wrightstown and had a blast! We sang some songs and had some drinks.  The challenge with this page is I didn't have any St. Patti's Day I used my stamps for inspiration! I found some four leaf clover stamps that I raised above the paper to show it was indeed St. Patti's Day.  The pages are very simple, and very "Em created," but I am satisfied with the end result. 

This next page I LOVE! This was our family trip to visit my cousin Chris and his girlfriend (now fiancee) in Milwaukee.  The challenge with these pictures was the fact that nobody wore anything colorful.  Everybody was wearing neutrals.  I had to work very hard to find a great color combination! I also have a hard time making dark pictures lighter! I used "My Mind's Eye" paper to tie in all of the neutrals.  I used a collage layout so I didn't have to add in extras to fill up the page.  Again I made the tag using Tim Holtz's method and wrote my own title!

This page was partly created by the good people at "Creations Galore." I used one of their layouts to make this page.  I thought the three picture camera strip added a lot of diversity and flare to my layout.  I also used a bright blue square as the mounting background and laid the photos on top of them in a strategic manner.  I also created the pencil with my Cricut!

I was on fire for these layouts! I hope you like them!