Thursday, August 9

Cooking With Leah and Kristina: The Thai Food Edition!

Hello Everybody!

It's been a while, but I wanted to share you my adventures with my most recent cooking experiences!

 Leah, Kristina and I made Thai food! Yum!!  First we beat up the tomatoes!

And did some mixing...

Chopped up garlic...

Kristina cut up the chicken...

After chopping up the chicken, it was ready to be cooked!

We mixed up the onions...

Into the sauced pan...

We added in the chicken together with the sauce and let it cook for a bit

We were worried about there not being enough sauce...after some time we saw more and more curry sauce added into the curry!

We let the curry cook for about 20 minutes.  We didn't have a cover, so Leah found her wok and put it on top instead...

After about a 20 minute wait...the curry was ready to eat!

It was so good! However, I wanted something cool to eat while I was enjoying the curry, so I added pineapple to it!

It was so good! Totally worth the hard work! You can try the recipe by checking out this link: Tikka Masala Recipe

Have a great day!


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