Tuesday, July 3

Partying It Up...With a Laminator...

Hey Folks!

So my mother and I decided to have a lamination party!

Why...? Because I had to laminate a lot of stuff!  Originally I was going to go to School House, but it was a little expensive for what I wanted done.  Therefore, my dad took home the lamination machine he had a work.  We spent quite a bit of money purchasing the lamination sheets, but it was worth it! If I was going to spend 3 hours die-cutting fish for VBS, then I was going to spend the extra hour to laminate them.  That way, I could use the fish in the future.  I also had some school things I wanted laminated as well!

Mom read the instructions... I snapped the photos...

 Then we got to work....I put the objects into the lamination sheets and mom put them in the machine.   (Notice the beautiful flower in the background?)  It was a nice little system we had set up...we were able to get it done quickly!

We had over 100 sheets to laminate...

 What did I laminate? Well... first of all...I had VBS things to laminate.  The fish below are going to be the kids nameplates.

And then MORE VBS things...notice most of things things are water animals, but there are some random coins that I needed laminated.

Then I laminated my book markers.  I will use these to divide up parts of my library by theme. I used the "Learning Curve" cartridge to cut out the letters.  Theses are some of the themes that I came up with.  I will be teaching forest, food, ABC and plants this fall in Janesville!

I also did blue ones! The colors mean nothing, I just picked colors that I liked! (Actually the blue is from last years VBS).  The themes I will be teaching this upcoming school year in this bundle are: fall, bugs, ocean, winter, farm, Earth Day, Eric Carle and school!

In the end...we had a pretty large stack! Take a look!

The next day, mom and I went down to Janesville.  We cut up all of the fish, book dividers, coins, etc.  To give you an idea of how many there were... look below.  That was six inches! It only took 3 hours to cut them all up...


 Pretty awesome! More to come soon!



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  1. Sounds like a sore hand to me! Err...I mean fun! <3 you Em :)


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