Thursday, September 26

Spanish Pronouns

Hey All!

Hope your week is going fantastic!

Ever have one of those days where you are teaching and things just aren't clicking?  Well...that's what happened to me this week!  I was teaching Spanish pronouns to my 5th and 6th graders.  They were just not getting it.  It wasn't making any sense.  I was getting frustrated.


An idea!

My good friend Brittany Hattabaugh, uses whole brain movement to teach hard and large concepts.  Her wisdom came to me in the middle of my train wreck of a week.  Therefore I came up with hand motions for Yo, tu, el, ella, usted, nosotros, ustedes, ellos and ellas.  It went really well with the kids!  They were chanting this as we left the classroom...YAY for doing a great job!

So this is what I did...

Yo! (Point to self)

Tu (point in front)

El (Point to a male.  Don't point to a female--like I did...on accident!)

Ella!  (Point to a female!)

Usted (Point above.  Showing higher authority!)

Nosotros (Include yourself, make a circle with your hands.)

Ustedes (Showing as my teacher always said...You's.)

Ellos (Fumble your hands to the side.  Shows a mixture of males/females or males!)

Ellas (show one motion with your hands--indicating only a group of females can be in this category.)

What do you think? Pretty awesome?  I'm pretty excited! 

I also made a video of this entire experience!  I blab a little bit in it towards the end.  It's just because I'm super excited about this but didn't want to come across cocky! 

I'm not always 100% proud of my creations, but this one, I am pretty psyched about!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Great idea, Em! I love finding ways to get whole body learning into my plans. It is hard sometimes, but it really is effective.


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