Sunday, September 15

Some Great News!

Hey All!

I am super happy to announce that Kyle and I are getting married!

I never thought this would happen, that I would be getting married to somebody!  But I am so glad that I am getting married to somebody who I absolutely love:)

We got engaged at Fuji Sushi House on Wednesday, September 4th, 2013.  Kyle and I were enjoying a nice time together when he popped the question.  After a few profanity shouts later, I said "of coarse I'll marry you!"  An applause followed and dinner continued!

Everybody wants to see the wedding here is a picture of the beautiful ring!  Isn't it lovely?  I think he did a great job with it!  I am still not used to this thing sitting on my finger!

Throughout the week, it was exciting to announce our engagement to everybody.  We are super happy that everybody supports our choice to get married!

As for wedding details, we don't know any dates yet.  However, we are aiming to get married in Fall 2015.  It all is going to depend on a few factors.  What we do know is that we are going to be getting married in Green Bay--at Resurrection Parish.  (That one is a given!)  We know who we would like in our bridal party as well who we would like to do our music and photography, but we have not asked those people if they would be able to participate.  (Everybody else probably knows who I want to do music for our wedding is--it's kinda obvious!)  I know who my maid of honor is going to be and Kyle knows his best man.  We also know how many people we would approx. want to invite as well.  I also know what colors I would like, but I'm not set on them.  When things are booked and set in stone, most likely once this school year is done, we will let you know!  This school year is all about the school year and saving money. Next summer will be all about planning and paying for our dream wedding!

Once again we are VERY VERY appreciative of everybody's love and support.  There have been a few people who have not shared the same happiness, but the people who mean are close and mean the most have been nothing but smiles and hugs!

To celebrate our engagement, we went to Madison.  What a perfect day to go.  Neither of us had to work our 3 jobs.  (That's right, we both work 3 jobs!)  The weather was nice cool.  We went to Buraka's on State Street followed by the botanical gardens.  We took lots of lovely pictures of ourselves and the pretty flowers.   Here are some of our favorites...

Me, at the Thai Garden on the stone elephant.  Kyle was worried that we were going to get into trouble.  As for me...I wasn't worried;) He posed on the elephant too, but we decided my picture was much cuter...haha jk. 

Sharing a magical kiss in the Thai Garden.  I love the lighting in this picture!  This was Kyle's favorite of the day!  It is now his profile picture.

Happy smile in the Rose Garden.  At this point, the sun was coming back out and it was getting really hot!  I had to take my cardigan and [knitted, wool] hat off!

These were our favorite flowers...loved the colors and the design.  We saw these at the very end of our walk in the gardens.

Tomorrow we will be enjoying dinner with my parents and grandma.  They are coming to help me organize my classroom books.  (They got a little scrambled up!)

Thanks for visiting my blog!  Hope to hear from you soon!


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