Thursday, September 19

Em's First Adventure in Baking! (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Hello Everybody!

My girlfriend Leah donated all of these lovely apples from her mom and dad's orchard! (Thanks Leah!)

So what to do with all of these apples?  Well, let me tell you...apples and I have had a difficult past.  I don't care for their texture and according to the Reader's Digest Health Foods book, apples are only good for your teeth.  So I don't eat a lot of them...but being I am a teacher and we are in apple season I figured I'd give something a try.

So what to being a pinner decided to go pinning.  I decided to make some carmel apples that I saw on Pinterest.   I mean this is pretty darn awesome!

 Now let me tell you...baking is NOT my special gift.  I really have no true abilities in baking.  The last time I baked was for Kindergarten Roundup Day and all the kids did was complain about my horrible baking!  So I sure don't blame anybody for passing up on my baking.

But I have been getting the "baking" bug due to a few Facebook posts from Michele (she likes to post lots of cute baking seasonal things on my page) and from Peg, who is a professional baker.

But nevertheless, I am trying to bake...for the children...I keep saying that one day I'll become a good baker for them...

So I started by cutting up the apples into two.  I didn't have my super awesome ceramic knife to help me with this adventure.

Then I scooped out the healthy part of the apple with a melon ball.     At first it was difficult to get just the inside of the apple out.  However, after some practice, I was able to do a better job with holding the melon ball and coring out the insides of the apple.    I felt that I was literally scooping ice cream out of a bucket!

So then all of the apples looked like this!

Meanwhile, I double boiled some carmel dip over the stove. 

It took me a while to figure out that I needed to double boil the carmel.  I had carmel squares in the microwave.  I tried to melt sauce over the hot fire.  I even tired to let the stuff sit outside for a while.  After talking to Peg, I learned that it is important to double boil.  So I looked it up on YouTube and double boiled some carmel.  It took about 30 minutes to boil the carmel, and let me tell you, it was worth it! 

I then poured the carmel into the apples...

Then they sit on the fridge...then I cut them up!  They went over super well!  I cannot wait to give these to my children! I think they are going to love these!  (My co-workers might not so much, because they are a little messy!) 

All and all--I think this baking adventure was a success! 


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