Saturday, September 21

The Adventure of [Brittany] Salsa

Hey All!

I hope everybody had a great week!  Mine was pretty crazy!

Every week, I plan out my meals to help me budget my grocery money for the week.  I tend to also try to make foods with ingredients that are in season.  Well, this is the season for corn!  I can get 4 stalks of corn for 1.00!

Hence in celebration, I made the infamous salsa that I call "Brittany Salsa."  That's not it's real name...but I don't know this recipes real name.    I call it "Brittany Salsa" because one night I was over at Brittany's house and she made this for me to eat.  It was super yummy!  Hence the name.

So how I made Brittany Salsa.

1) Cut up a lot of corn! I never cut stalks of corn before.  However, after reading about it, it was simple and easy to do!  

2) Then I added avocado to the mix!

3) Then add some cherry tomatoes.    These tomatoes are from my potted tomato plant.   Boy where they super fresh!

4) Then add some black beans!  I only had a mega sized black bean, so I just added half of the case.  I also made sure I drained the entire can before adding the beans.

5) Then you are going to add Balsamic Vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Keep adding and mixing until you think it tastes great! I usually have more olive oil and balsamic vinegar!

6) Add some salt and pepper to taste!  (Or if you are like me, don't add salt because I don't like salt!  Plus it's bad for me heart!)

7) Viola! I have eaten this hot or cold and it's great both ways!

I really like using the Bucky Badger Whole Wheat Tortilla Shells.  They are low in calorie and full of nutrients!  All and all one serving of this (not including the tortilla) is about 75-100 calories depending on how many servings you make.  (My findings were from entering in information to   Usually I can get about 8 servings out of a dish using the measurements from this blog entry.  This all lasts about a week in my fridge...because I tend to make it in such large quantities!   It's quick, easy and yummy too! 

<3 Em

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