Tuesday, September 17

Apple's Apple's Apple's!


It's that time of the year where it's time to celebrate all about apples!!!

Did I mention I love apples?

Last Friday we had our "Apple Day."  We went to a field trip and did some awesome activities with apples afterwards!

To prepare for our apple field trip the pre-kers and I read the book:

We then sang a song about apples.  It was a song I found while I was still in college.  I modified it a little bit because I forgot the middle part while I was teaching it.

"Apples Juicy, apples round,
on the tree and on the ground.
Apples yellow, green or red.
Good in pie or even bread!
Apples juicy round,
on the tree and on the ground!"

I think we are going to sing it again...because it is easy and fun to remember!  Besides, some of the pre-ker's informed the older children that apples indeed came in three colors...so that means they learned that from the song right(?)  Plus...they were singing it as we were leaving school on Thursday! WOOT!

On Friday, we all bundled up and went to Apple Hut.  It was cold!  We learned about the apple cycle.  We learned about where apples can be made into.  We also picked our own apples and ate apple doughnuts.  They were yummy!

Then we went back and made apple turnovers.  I'm not a baker, but after doing this, I can say that it is quite possible to make a baker out of me...(?)

We took some biscuits...

We took all of them out and placed them on their own tinfoil  We wrote each of the kids names on them so we know who made which apple turnover.  We pushed the dough down so it became a flat pancake. 

After that we added the apples.  The apples were taken from my friend Leah's apple tree.  They were super yummy!  Peg poured some cinnamon sugar on top to make them more yummy!

Then we had to close them up.  I had a hard time with this (as did the kids.)  Thankfully there were four adults around that could help everybody out.  

See? Yummy!  We put them in the oven while the kids were at recess.

We also sampled some apples!

Then the children had to tell me their favorite apple: red, yellow or green.  We then whispered it into our hands and closed our hands so the word couldn't get out.  We walked upstairs and talked about graphing our favorite.  Each child wrote their own name on their favorite color apple.

We hung them up.  It was pretty intense.  The red and green both ended up tying!

Afterwards we ate our turnovers!  Boy were they good!  What a great way to kick off our apples week!  Next week we will have more things!  We are going to make carmel apples, talk about what happens with apples and more!

In the end, we had a great day.  I was super tired by 3:00!  I think the kids had a great day!


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