Tuesday, May 6

The News Carol Has Been Itching to Know!

Hey Everybody!

I FINALLY can post what I have been DYING to say to everybody for the past few weeks!  Ugh!  It's been killing me! I promise you that! [It also has been killing Carol too!]

I, Emily Bielinski have happily accepted a teaching job at Horace Mann School in the West Allis/West Milwaukee School District.  I will be teaching 4/5 Kindergarten on it's first NxGl team for the age group!

That's awesome...um...what is NxGl you say?

It stands for Next Generation Learning!  It's a program that inquires teachers to use their own creativity to develop a curriculum to individualize learning for every child!  [That means I will have to spend time working on a crap load of centers!]  The program also encourages the use of diverse learning and moves away from whole teaching.   It will also be the first time 4k goes to school all day!  [Yay, no more schedule confusion!]  This opportunity is golden for me!  I will be designing the first NxGl model classroom at Hoarce Mann.  I will also be designing new curriculum.   My kids will have iPads.  I will have a wide range of materials to help me design this curriculum as well as cool gadgets like Apple TV! Myself and another teacher will be spearheading the program at Hoarce Mann for the 2014-2015 School Year!

While my official title is "4/5 Kindergarten NxGl Teacher," the principal said that using the word Kindergarten is a lot shorter and easier to say at family functions and social media so feel free to use that instead.  Shew.  Thank God.

I am very sad to leave Saint Patrick's School because it is such a wonderful community, they will always have a special place in my heart.  I will miss all of my kids and the friendly family oriented environment.   I feel that my time at Saint Patrick's School has given me lots of great tools to be very successful at Hoarce Man and I'll always be thankful for that.  I want to make it very clear my reasons for leaving Saint Patrick has NOTHING to do with Saint Patrick.  It's a great school with great kids, teachers and families.  My reasonings for leaving Saint Patrick have everything to do with how both Kyle and I feel what is best suited for us.   We are both super excited about our future and cannot wait to share more about this exciting new path we are on!


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