Monday, April 21

Adventures in Green Bay!

Happy Easter Season All!

I hope everybody had a fantastic Easter!!!

This past weekend, Kyle and I had the opportunity to spend our Holy Week [or as musicians call it, Hell Week], in the land of the frozen Tundra: Green Bay!

I have been DYING for this weekend to happen!  Kyle has not been back to Green Bay since Christmas and there wasn't enough time for him to explore the city back then.  Now with the nice weather and the Easter Vacation we lined up we were able to go all over town!  I was happy to share the Green Bay that I see with Kyle!

Let me break down how our weekend went!

This was my birthday!  Loved that I didn't have to be at Boston Store...loved I got to spend the day with my kids.   I also enjoyed the birthday wishes from the crew at Power Pump as well as at school.  Kyle gave me flowers and treated me to breakfast at Citrus Cave and a yummy desert at Mocha Moments.   One of my kids lent me a "Hello Kitty" sash to wear for the day!

After school I met up with Run Janesville and pounded 6 miles! I had a great birthday run with the crew, especially John, who kept me going even when I wanted to quit!   Kyle joined up afterwards at O'Riely's!  Then we drove up to Green Bay to enjoy a beverage with my parents at "La Vie Boheme."

We woke up to nice sunny weather in GB!  I took Kyle out for a run.  We went running around Greene Isle Park!  I was super excited to show Kyle Greene Isle because that is where we are going to have our wedding photos taken after the wedding!  Kyle and I ran 3.1 miles with an approximate 10:15 pace.

Later we went for a walk in Downtown Green Bay.  We started with wine tasting at Captain's Walk, followed by walking across the river to Cafe Madrid.

I LOVED the food at Cafe Madrid!  OMG!  Talk about amazing Tapas! Here is the food that we ate!

Pork with Baguettes 

Chicken Caprise 

Stuffed Mushrooms

Orange Glazed Meatballs [my favorite!]

Three Goat Cheese!

After, we went to the Wildlife Sanctuary to check out where we are getting our engagement photos done.  We walked around the trails and counted how many ducks and geese we could find.   I was very happy that Kyle got to see where we were going to get our engagement photos done.  He is now even more excited about going to get them taken!

That evening we went out with my family and Brian and Scott.   Even Chad dropped out for a little while!

We started at La Vie, but traveled to "The Black Boot" because we couldn't stand the music.  We tasted some amazing wine and had great food, BUT, I still favor "La Vie Boheme" because of their kind hospitality and reasonable prices with good quality wine!

Busy, busy, busy day!  I ran 10 miles in the AM for marathon practice.  Then Kyle and I went to meet up with Auron and Jamie at Titletown.

Kyle fell in love with the food.  We decided that it was going to be the place for our rehearsal dinner:)     We also had AMAZING service as well!  The waitress was kind, helpful and extremely understandable! I was amazed on how Auron has gotten so big!  I loved that he was super good for the waitress! He smiled all the time, except when I was trying to get a picture of him, stinker;)

Then later, we met up with Kristina, Leah, Brittany, Katherine and Adam for Kristina's birthday celebration!   We went to Phin for dinner, followed by Smart Cow for desert.  It was great hanging out with everybody again!  I enjoyed very much that Adam was able to join us all the way from Port Washington.   Kristina loved her gifts; 31 bags and cast iron pot.  (Me, jealous!)

As for the meal...I enjoyed my entree, but both Kyle and I felt the service wasn't "up to par."  We both were pretty squished with the little to no space we had.  The water lady was obnoxious.  I was sick of her putting the pitcher of water OVER MY NEWLY DYED AND STYLED HAIR EVERY FIVE MINUTES!  I couldn't even drink any of my water in between her visits!  I also didn't like how the waitress handled the "clams" incident either.  But I won't ramble anymore.  The clams were good and the company was fun, that's all that matters:)

Later that night we met up with Zoe and Kayla for a ladies night! WOOT!

We enjoyed a night out in Downtown Green Bay!  I was super happy to hang out with Kayla on a social level, instead of just social networking each other from 166 miles away! 

After a wonderful mass, my family went to Fox Harbor for lunch and drinks.  We were pretty excited to run into our old friends; Kathy and Joe!

I was super happy mom and dad were able to finally meet up with them!  Afterwards, we met up with some more family and then we drove back to Janesville!

We had a great time up in Green Bay!  We are excited that the next time we are going up to GB will be for our engagement photos and for my half marathon!  I cannot believe it's only a month away! AHH!!!

Have a great night!


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