Thursday, May 22

I Can't Believe It, I Ran a [Freaking] [Half] Marathon!


I did it!!!

I ran a half marathon!!!!  I ran a half marathon!!!  Did you hear...I ran a half marathon!!!!

I can't tell you how exciting that moment was when I crossed the finish line...blood sweating, heart pounding, body shaking...

Let me tell you, two years ago if you told me that I could have ran a half marathon I would have laughed in your face!  Heck even six months ago if you told me I could run a half marathon I'd laugh at you.    I didn't think it was possible.  I thought that it was one of those "it would be nice but that isn't me" kind of thing.    I'm sure that's what my co-runner-pal, Niki said too.  In fact, I remember when both Niki and I said that "going to the gym wasn't our thing."  We just weren't into making good healthy choices.

But now...we both ran a freaking half marathon!

This is us animals

and now...1/2 Marathon Runners!

Crazy how things have changed!

I ran that town.  I ran that sucker in 2 hours 7 minutes and 13 seconds:)

And what a feeling!

I am now contemplating on running another half marathon, however I don't know which one would be a good fit for me.  I want a race that will be challenging, local and fun to do!   Right now I'm thinking of doing the Discover Whitewater Half Marathon.   It will be within close proximity of Watertown so no long distance traveling is needed.  Next year I REALLY want to do the Rock and Roll Chicago 1/2 Marathon!

Others think it would be a lot cooler if I trained to run a marathon.  Maybe even the Green Bay Cellcom Marathon...?

Dare I laugh?  Na, because I do see the great long 26.2 in my very distant future.

In the meantime, I am still recovering from my run.  I am still sore and very hungry all of the time.  [Oh wait that's normal for me!]  I've been doing a lot of yoga this week!  I'm glad I "found my yoga" again because it's been helping me stretch and sleep better!  [I could use both of those more often!] If you are looking for some great yoga workouts, look no further than clicking here.  This link is from Yoga Download, which offers free 25 minute videos or with a 18.00 membership, you can have unlimited access to downloading all types of yoga videos!

I hope that I feel better before Saturday.  I am participating in the Twilight 10K with Kyle up in Madison!

Either way, cheers to finishing up a 1/2!  I cannot wait to train and run for another!


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