Saturday, May 10

Even More Exciting News!

Hey All!

Last blog entry, you heard that I will be working in West-Allis as a teacher:)

Well, we have even MORE exciting news!

Kyle and I just got approved to live in our top apartment choice in good old Watertown, WI!

Why Watertown?  Well, it's a great location!  It's large enough that there are things to do, yet it is small enough that things are not overly expensive.  Kyle can still work at his jobs and put himself through school, while I can work in West Allis too.  What's nice is we both will have to drive about the same distance for both of our jobs.  Therefore neither of us feels one has to drive farther than the other one.  It's a close to HWY 94 so it's quick and easy driving on our cars.  Also, it's a LOT closer to Green Bay too.  [Hello mom!]

Kyle and I took a trip up to Watertown today.  I wanted him to see the area and I wanted to drop off some more paperwork for the apartment.  Well, as luck would have had it, we happened to run into our apartment manager!  She was more than excited to finally meet us in person!  She was more than delighted to take us into an apartment that had the exact same layout as our place!  Boy were we excited!

Here are some photos of our soon-to-be-place.

Here is our kitchen, with a dishwasher, lazy Susan and a really nice pantry! [You can't see the pantry.]

 Here is another angle of the apartment:

Here is the bathroom!  [There is a washer and dryer inside! YAY!!!!]

Down this hallway there are two bedrooms!

Finally..the living room!  It comes with a fireplace!

It's lovely!  In addition, it coms with a fitness center, pool, tons of walking trails, a garage and a place to grow your own garden!!!!  It's a nice quiet neighborhood that has tons of trails sprouting out all over the place! The coolest part of this place is it is in walking distance of Walmart, a coffee shop and several places to eat.  It's very easy to find as well:)  We get a little bit of that suburbia feel too.  Can't complain about this one:)

We are super excited about this move!  We will be moving at the end of June [next month!!!!!]  If anybody has any boxes they can donate for us that would be wonderful!!!



  1. Cool :) Looks like a nice place to be

  2. Call your local Bath and Body Works. There are always plenty of boxes of various sizes that get recycled at the end of the night.


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