Sunday, February 23

Shhhh....I'm Only [Half] Crazy!

Hey Y'all!

I hope you like the new layout!  I figured it was time to spice it up and make it look different!  I'm liking this layout because it is simple, yet colorful.  However, I want to change the font I am working with in the blogposts...anybody who can help me with that would be so appreciated!  Any other feedback you can give me regarding my new layout would also be helpful too!

So did I mention I am only half crazy?  Yup, that's right, only half crazy! You'd think I'd call myself fully crazy, but I sadly cannot at this time;)  Not yet!

Wondering what I'm talking about? Read on!

Calling oneself "half crazy" is indeed a runners term for talking about...running a HALF marathon!

And on May 18th, that will be me!  That's right, I signed up for the GB Cellcom race!   EEK!

The GB Cellcom is a HUGE draw for runners because it is one of the more flattening course making it an "easier" course to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  [No I am not trying to run in Boston.]  The race was all ready at 82% capacity when I was finally able to sign up [currently 85% full] which just proves it popularity.  It's a 13.1 mile race winding through the city of Green Bay ending with arriving at Lambeau Field!

This is a HUGE deal for me; never did I think I could possibly run a 13.1 before.  However, with all the training I did with the 15K I felt that I could go "a little further" and go 13.1!  Training is going to be INTENSE!  I am using the Hal Higdon Training Program.  You can click on the link here to see all of the possible training programs for all distances including 5k. 8k. 10, 15k, half and full! I used his 15K training for the Valentine's Day Run and I felt it truly prepared me for my race.    The best part of this training program is my long runs will get longer as the snow melts!  I'm so done with running in the winter outside over the snow;)

To celebrate my new fitness endeavor, I purchased brand new GEAR!    I love getting new gear to motivate me into starting a new fitness regime!

 I got my new gear at "All Season Runner" located in downtown Janesville.  You might have remembered this shop from an earlier post regarding my long run's adventure with the "All Season Runner's," because it is indeed the same place.  

First, my new spring runner's coat!  It's from Brooke's [my new favorite running brand!]  It's perfect for outdoor running in the early spring or the late fall.  It was the last one on the shelf, so I'm super happy to have gotten int.  However,  I'm super sad that the weather will permit me from getting outside to test out this new coat:(  I'm especially sad about this because I am off all week However, it is there for when the long runs become more into Spring.

Second and most importantly... I got some new SHOES!

I LOVE these shoes!  I never had true fitted running shoes ever!  All Season Runner helped me find the perfect shoe for my step.  I'm lucky that I have a neutral stance with a true running posture.  Therefore I had lots of shoes to choose from.  I got some Brooke's Pure Flow's, which is a simple basic long distance neutral running shoe.  They are super lightweight which make them perfect for running a long distance.

I am very excited about my new fitness goal.  I am also worried I won't be "good" at doing it.  I'm so worried that I will be slow and get a bad time.  I know a few people that are also doing the same race--their pace is quite faster than mine.  I take pride in my pace, but I want to improve enough so I don't lag behind too much.  It would be nice to run with a friend, but sadly enough, nobody runs at my pace but me.  Ah well.

I will keep you posted on my fitness progress!  Only 83 days until the race!  The clock is ticking! "Tick, tick, tick!"


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