Sunday, February 2

Preparing for Race Day [Part 2]

Happy Superbowl Sunday Folks!

This morning I did another running prep for my 15K this next Saturday! [6 days away!].  In preparation for my run, I mentioned in the last blog post about all of the cool things I purchased.  Then I talked about my epic fail run in the cold.

Well today, I made up for my failure to run with the All Season's Runner's Group.  This is a group of individuals that run 2x a week; a short run on Thursdays and a long run on Sunday's, that take pride in their commitment to running and good sportsmanship.

I first encountered this group by complete accident the night I went to go pick up the YacTracks.  The group kept on talking about going on their run, while I was cluelessly purchasing my YT's.  One of the guys, kept egging me on to join in on the run.  As much as I wanted to join, I couldn't because A] I just finished an awesome 3 mile dash at the gym and B] Besides my new YT's I had no gear, especially reflector gear!  However, I did promise them I would try the group the following Sunday, as I needed to do 8 miles for the 15K.  I assured them I could keep a 10 minute mile outside... I could keep a 9 minute mile at the gym, so no biggie right?

Haha, well Saturday happened and my anxiety tripled! Yikes! :( But nevertheless, I was still going to go.  I'm a woman of my word!

 I arrived in my gear I wore from yesterday [YacTracks included] ready to get my butt whipped by this group.   Secretly knowing my pace was going to be less than graceful among a group of [what appears to be] fast top runners.

Boy was I wrong!

Our group started off with our run down Jackson Street and made it all the way to Beloit Ave and back.  During the run, two guys [I kept on forgetting everybody's name] were very encouraging and kept pace with me, who yes, was in the back part of the group.  Another girl, Katherine [not The Shoulder, but equally as nice as her], had about the same pace as I so it was comforting to know I could do it without the fear of being left behind.   Everybody thought we knew each other, despite we barely said a word to each other until the end of the run!  Every so often, the faster runner's stopped and waited for us so we all could stay together in the group.  Below gives you an idea of our route!

When we made it to the group's end, we all got the option to stay or go back.  I was planning on going more, [to complete my 8 miles] but since the group did an improv long run the day before, the majority of the group was heading back, I too went back.  If I didn't, I probably would have gotten lost!  Despite the fact that I did not run my goal of 8, I do NOT regret turning back.   I discovered that I am going to need something to cover my neck because the last .5 mile, my neck started to hurt from it being so cold!

When we got back to the shop, we all socialized a little bit more and celebrated Gary's birthday by snapping a pic!  I assured the group I would be coming back the week after my race AND start coming on Thursdays when I don't work and have reflection gear.  I was told it was not only advised, but required to have during the night runs.    I can't wait!

I'm sad it took me almost a year and a half to find a supportive running group down here.  I am equally sad that only a few days after finding the store affiliated with this group, All Season Runner announced they will be closing on March 1st, for reasons unknown to me.  I AM glad that I did find this group, and MORE excited that there will be a new running group starting up once ASR does close it's doors.

Have a great day!


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