Saturday, February 1

Preparing for Race Day [Part 1]

Hey All!

As you might have all ready known, I am running a 15K [9.3 miles] on Saturday Feb 8th!  This is an exciting run for a few reasons:

A] I am supporting the SNC Trips Program [which I did not know before signing up]/
B] This race falls on the same day I am getting my bridal dress and the same weekend I have a double mass [so it was a no brainer to sign up for.]
C] It's 9.3 FREAKING miles...outside...on familiar ground.

Clearly, this race was calling my name... Em...ily...RUN ME!

So I will!

Of coarse, impulsive me did not realize how much more difficult running outside IN THE SNOW is compared to a treadmill.   For those who have been watching my stats [which I blame nobody for avoiding], I have been able to crank out pretty good paces.  I'm proud to say I can run about a 9:15 pace short run and a 9:55 long run pace.  Then again the treadmill makes it easy, a moving belt that keeps me honest.  I can't slow down unless I press that magical toggle, which I refuse to do.

So I had to invest in a few things before I could truly run outside.  Here is that list:

A] 1 Calvin Kline down runner's coat.   [Boston Store purchase!]
B] Runner's Tights [Again...Boston Store]
C] Non Cotton under gear.  [Thank you BonTon]
D] Yaktraxs!

The last one was the best and smartest purchase I've ever made!   They put my mind at ease while running outside.  The most common reason people don't run outside is because they are afraid they are going to fall on the I decided to investigate to eliminate this fear.  I talked to a parent at our school and he suggested cleats so I went into the local running shop to look at some.  Instead, I was recommended on purchasing these instead! The purpose of the Yaktrax's are to put the fear of falling on the ice to rest. They attach to the bottoms of your shoes so you don't have to buy a new pair of special winter shoes for winter running.  I got mine at "All Season Runner," in Janesville.  They were 40.00, but WORTH THE INVESTMENT!  The employee helped me put one on and I spent about 45 minutes trying to put on the other one!

And since it just snowed down here, today was the perfect day to test out my gear and my running outside.  Tomorrow I am running with a running group and I wanted to see how well or horrible I did outside.  Here I am in all of my awesome gear!  Including the Yaktraxs!

So after posting this pic...I went outside and ran.  Ran for 22 [fast to me] minutes in the cold snow in Janesville, WI.

And afterwards I said... WOW.  WOW.  WOW.

I was a little disappointed with my time...2.04 in 22 minutes.  Sounds like not a big deal, but in reality that's a little over a 10:30 minute mile!  I am sitting here thinking WHY did my running suck so badly?

Well, here's why:

A] I've been on the treadmill too much.  I haven't been back outside since the Turkey Run in November.  Before that was the day of Uncle John's funeral.   They were both very short distances and lacked snow on the ground for both of those runs.  I haven't ran outside in the snow since early 2012!  Whoops!

B] Sore, injured leg.  I have been dealing with the pulsing of my right leg.  It was so sore that yesterday at school I almost literally just fell down while teaching.  At work I had to walk super slow and my manager called me out on it.  [She said I needed to "speed up."  Thankfully a co worker informed her that I am rarely I must have been injured.]  An employee at the Runner's Shop insisted that I need to roll out my leg and only run lightly and not overdo it or I'll not be race ready next Sat.

C] The terrain.  The area I ran is hilly, which is WONDERFUL for hill training, but my race is flat.

D] The snow...was...not...plowed...I ran outside at 2:30 and the snow was barely plowed.  I had to run in circles looking for better terrain and plowed snow.    The picture below was some of the easier running I had during my short 22 minute run!

And my last reason...
E] See letter A.  It's mostly my only darn fault.   Should have went outside before today.  Oh well.  You win some and lose some.  At least I went outside and did it.

This was a good life lesson: long runs really, really and truly DO belong outside for long runs. That will be something I'll be practicing for my 1/2 Marathon training which will start in 3 weeks.  So tomorrow's 8 mile run will be the first of many I'll be practicing that philosophy.   I still finished my run with a happy face though...because despite my leg, despite the cold and the snow...I still went outside.  I did my best and I will continue to do my best!

I still plan on rocking the 15k though...because, well, I can!

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