Monday, February 24

Races for 2014!

Hey All!

Kyle and I are PUMPED for our upcoming race!

That's right, we purchased a bunch of swag; mustaches, pins, hats, wigs, tights, socks, necklaces and MORE!  Getting swag is always a great way to pump up excitement for a run!  Kyle, who is anticipating his first race [thanks to ME he's actually doing one] is SOOOO excited for the Shamrock Shuffle that he actually decided to buy a kilt!  I cannot tell you how awesome that makes him;)

We decided to test out our new swag around my apartment... boy did we have fun posing for the camera with our new swag!


This was just the thing Kyle needed to get excited about the race...and just what I needed to remind myself how much I LOVE to run!  [I was having a slight pity party about running earlier today which lead us to decide it was time to get ourselves re-motivated in our fitness goals and aspirations!]

We talked about all the races we both want to do!  We have quite the list of races we are going to do together from now until September....I don't think we can cram in anymore races at this point!  However, if anybody has anymore good races coming up in their area, we are more than happy to travel to participate in them.  Likewise, if there is a race on the list YOU want to participate in, please let us know!  We LOVE company and strongly believe in the "more the merrier" philosophy.

Here is a list of races we are going to be doing through this year, thus far!
~Madison Shamrock Shuffle [3/16 @ Madison]
~Green Bay Cellcom Marathon [5/18 @ Green Bay]
~Green Bay Bellin 10K [6/14 @ Green Bay]
~Packer's 5k Run [7/27 @ Green Bay]
~Warrior Dash Mud Run [8/2 @ Johnson Creek]
~Dirty Girl Mud Run [8/16 @ Milwaukee]
~American Red Cross Heart Walk [9/13 @ Green Bay]
~Mississippi Mud 8K Mud Run [9/20 @ Pairie du Chien]

Nine races this year...[don't forget that I just completed the Valentine Day 15k two weeks ago!] I can't just do nine races...I will be off balance!  Anybody know another race I can participate in so I'm all balanced out? LOL.  Whew! Either way, I only did four races last year! WOOT!

For those who are wondering, last year I did the following:
~Madison Color Run
~Packer's 5K Run
~Green Bay Color Run
~Milton Turkey Trot

Will either of us do another Color Run this year...maybe!  I'm up for it, and I have mentioned to friends about the Madison's run on May 4th.  The only thing I dislike about the Color Run is that our team has to divide in half because some of us are walkers and some of uf like to run.  One day I hope we all can run the race [I refuse to pay 45.00 to walk the Color Run...sorry walkers!] However, I don't think the interest is in traveling to Madison, so we will have to wait and see if the GB one peaks people's interest  and take it from there.   I am hoping that there is SOME kind of interest, because Kyle has never done a Color Run and I think he would enjoy it very much.  However, there is a "Black Light Run" which is the Color Run in the dark that would make a good 10th race...

Anyways, Kyle's very excited about doing the Warrior Dash because they "are more than just running."  He is also very excited about dressing up like Mel Gibson's character in "Braveheart."  He thinks I should dress up like Zena, the Warrior Princess.  We shall see...either way Kyle will get to wear his kilt more than once with this costume idea.


I am super excited for the GB Cellcom because of all of the fitness challenges it is going to do for me in the upcoming weeks of training.

I will keep posting information about our running and fitness adventures as we prepare for all of these races!

Until then...much <3!


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