Monday, September 3

Photos You've Been Waiting For!

My Dearest Followers,

It's been way too long since I last posted! Not having Internet at my apartment has caused me to neglect my blog.   I know several of you have been asking me to post what A/the Spanish classroom looks like and B/what my apartment looks like. 

Another comment I've been getting is it is hard to read my blog on the phone.  For some reason, the tan layer does not show up.  I know that is an issue and it is hard to read.  I am going to look into it and get it fixed as soon as possible.  I might need to call the BDL to help me out if I can't figure it out! Until then, try to read my blog on the computer please!

Well, the wait is finally over! For some of the things you've been asking for... going to McDonalds for my WiFii is getting old quick.  The Internet is slow. Then we have these high schoolers, who are too loud to drown out with my Backstreet Boys mix.  Therefore I am only able to post pictures I have currently on my computer.  I regret to say that's only updated pictures of my classrooms and a few pictures of children.  Since I will NOT ever post pictures (nor provide any details about them on this blog ever), you just get awesome pics of my updated classroom! Yay! 

So here we go... the kindergarten classroom updated!

Here are some updated pics of my classroom! I made my white board in the front of the room into several bulletin boards!  Here is one of them: blends! Very important for when we start reading!

This is my math board... every day we work on a new number.  I used my Circut to make my number cards and the sign.   Right now it looks blah, but as we get into more math, it will change.  Right now, I just want numbers posted for exposure.   You can see at the bottom of my photo that my brain breaks and my magical bean bag "Fred" (two elements from student teaching) are still being used in my classroom! 

Here's my behavior board... we do the card flips...with a twist!  The levels are as such: green, blue, yellow, orange and red.  We wanted a calming color between the heated colors so kids didn't panic if they moved down to green.  You start at green and go down from there...unless you are a superstar.  Then you get to move up to gold! However, gold has high expectations; so unless you go above and beyond expected behaviors, you won't be there! That's okay!

For our kids, if they stay on green, we are content.   If you stay on green (or move up to gold) you get a dollar!  The more dollars you get...the more money you have! Once you have five bucks, you get to go to the treasure box and pick out a treat! 

These are the signs for the Treasure Box! I made them with my...wait for it.. Cricut! For these, I used the "Stretch Your Imagination" for the money, the "Life's a Beach" for the treasure box and the standard ABC cartridge for the numbers and dollar signs.  

This is my favorite board...I can't take complete credit for it.  I saw a version of this on Pinterest, but I used my own spin on things to make it work for our classroom.  Again, I used my Circut to make all the letters and glue bottles.  I used "Learning Curve" and "Recess" for the cartridges.  As we talk about these letters, we will learn that these letters are "special" because they glue words together! 

And now for my Spanish classroom...

I only have 1/2 of a classroom: my principal has the other half. Below are my colors and numbers! I bought the color strips at School House.  However, I used my Circut machine to make the numbers and letters.  Mom laminated all of them and cut them out for me! (Thanks Mom!)

 I also have my favorite poster above the board: Piensa antes de hablar! (Think before you speak!)

This is my calendar!  I coped out and bought these at School House.  The poster is from a teacher at St. Pat's who used to teach Spanish.

I also have the alphabet up in the front of the classroom! This way, during science, the kids can remember their Spanish ABC's:) Above that, I posted the question words in Spanish.  I know when I started Spanish I had a hard time remembering what they all meant.  Senora Taft didn't post them, so I had to study hard! Now, I have them up for a reference!  I didn't purchase any of these things... all given to me to borrow for the year!! (Thanks Peg!)

That's all for now!  I will post pictures of my apartment this week!!!

Hope you enjoyed my pictures! Things we have been doing in school will come soon too!




  1. I especially like the question posters for Spanish. I too had a hard time remembering which one is which and probably still couldn't remember some of them. As a visual learner that would definitely help me!

  2. Anonymous4.9.12

    ENJOY your year... loved the pics


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