Sunday, August 19

My First Day Living in Janesville, WI

Hey All!

Today was my first official full day living in Janesville!  It was a crazy trip!  Mom and I headed down late last night after 4PM mass.  We then pulled an all nighter to decorate the apartment! Mom hung up all of my shelving and I put everything in the place where I wanted it to be. Not everything is completed, but here is a glance at my kitchen!

Around 4, we decided to take a trip to Walmart, where we got more goodies for the place.  I never knew how much stuff you need when you move out of your parents house! Everybody insisted it was a lot of stuff...but now I learned my lesson!

Afterwards, we took a trip to St. Pat's Church to attend mass.  All I am going to say is this...St. Pat's is as opposite as Resurrection Catholic Parish can possibly be.  The end. 

Then Mom and I went to meet up with Angie and worked on my classroom!  Four hours later...this is what it looks like! I just need to put up the titles and details to my bulletin boards and I can safely say it is good to go for now!

Here is where my desk is located.  Behind you I am going to add two magnetic bulletin boards: one for word family of the week and one for number of the day.

To the left is my writing/assessment center, while to the right is my math/puzzle center!

I still have to work on my Spanish classroom, the 3k room and lots of other stuff...but Angie assures me it will all work out!

After spending time with mom, dad and Chad, they finally left.  Naturally, I was emotional about the experience.  I continue looking forward to having a great time here...but leaving my life in Green Bay behind is going to be a little dramatic. My dad gave me a hug and told me to "lock the door," mom is terrified I will need her help, but Chad was the most upset of them all.  He was extremely worried about my well-being and said I could always talk to him.  I thought it was very sweet.

Now, I am sitting at McDonalds, trying to figure out what to cook during the week...and what crazy adventures are coming up ahead.  I loved my day here and I look forward to having more!




  1. Am I supposed to believe Chad was emotional? Your place looks cute. You will do great!

    1. Yes, I was surprised too!

  2. Anonymous19.8.12

    You did great work setting everything up... it looks SO inviting.
    (ps... there are Spanish channels on TV with the football games etc..might help you pick it up again.)

    Have a GREAT year.


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