Sunday, September 23

Building Up...Construction!

Hey All!

I was super dooper excited to show everybody all of the very cool things we did last week.  We had an amazing Sports Week! iphone decided to quit on me and my photos were lost.  I'm depressed about this because I actually was really proud of this fact!

All is not lost though: I found some photos of our first theme week: "Construction."  Here are some of the fun things we were doing!

For one of our centers: we cut up some shapes and laminated them to a piece of paper.   Here they are!

Then, the kids created a tower from that shape.  The children were challenged to make the tallest tower they could! 

Another center we made was the "Fine Motor Center."  The children ripped the red paper and glued it onto a wall.  In result, the children created a brick wall! They had fun! Some were even trying to stagger the bricks so they would "rest" on top of teach other!

Our art project for the week was creating different types of trucks.  We created a truck to go with the book "Construction Crew!" This truck was not hand drawn.  I used my Cricut to make the stencils.  Then the rest of the stuff was cut out by hand.

 Finally, this is the bulletin board that I created.  Simple looking? Yes.  I hand drew the hammer and the cones myself.  The words are guess what...cut with the Cricut!

I wish I could show you more...but this is all that I was able to capture on film! This upcoming week is all about family and fall.   We have some cool projects lined up that I want to share with you.  I will do my best to try to photograph the cool projects and upload them within a reasonable time.

That's all for now!


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