Wednesday, September 26

Speaking of Sports...

Hey All!

I'm so excited that my iCloud came into good use... the photos I thought I lost from my iphone were actually backed up! I'm so happy because I was able to share all the fun things we did during our sports week!

For an art project, we talked about different patterns and sport games.  I read the book: "Froggy Plays Soccer."

After reading about soccer, we talked about how to play soccer...and what is the one thing special about soccer that differs from other "ball" games... Hands OFF the ball!!!

To go with the book, the kids made soccer balls with different patterns.  During that time, we talked about the colors they could use, the types of patterns they could use and etc.  I was pretty impressed the children knew several different types of patterns such as dots, stripes, checkers, tracks, etc.  The younger children did a great job identifying the colors they were using! Some used all different colors and some used a variety. 

In the math section, we played football!  Who doesn't like a good football game? (Aka not the one that was on last Thursday.) I created this game myself... I was pretty proud of it!

To play this game, you roll the die and move your man across the field.  Once you get a "touchdown" you get a blue chip for a point.  You keep going over and over again until the time is up.  This was a very popular game for the kids.  It was great for them to practice counting up to ten.  It also helped with one to one correspondence for the younger kids!

Another center was the pattern center.  I can't take credit for this one...but nevertheless I will still post about it! It was pretty darn creative!

The pattern cards helped indicate what to do with the rest of the pattern.  The dots helped make this pattern strip something that can be done over and over again!

For sorting we had...more football! (Maybe I had football on my mind?)

To help the kids learn their color words...we had them sort colored footballs! On each football is a color and on each plate is the corresponding word.  The older kids did quite well...and the younger kids were getting it towards the end of the week:)

Part of our sports week...we talked about teamwork! Teamwork is pretty important; teaches you about working together as well as how to deal with not winning a game.  That's life...not winning all the time.  Someday Green Bay will understand that concept...? 

To help build sportsmenship, the kids played Memory.  This was a harder concept for the kids... taking turns and sharing? Remembering things?  If I was five...I'd have a harder time doing this too! Again, there was a lot of improvement throughout the week. 

There was more... we did Olympic rings, we made football helmets, and more.  However, I did not find time to get pictures of those before the kids went home for the day.    Those projects were very cute! I enjoyed this theme a lot! I hope you did too!



  1. Anonymous27.9.12

    You are SO creative... good work, Em

  2. Anonymous27.9.12

    Wow! I want to be in your class!


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