Saturday, September 15

No Really...What Does Your Apartment Look Like!

Hey Everybody!

I know I KNOW I have been slacking in the “uploading pictures from my apartment” department.  But today, I am to show you my current living quarters.  I absolutely love my place, but I don’t’ have everything in place yet.  It's coming though! My furniture and belongings are mostly in the right place, however, I don’t have a lot of artwork in any other room but the living room.  I am working on getting “decorations” set up around the apartment.  It’s taking lots of time because I lack funds.  Most of my cash went to gas, school things and apartment necessities.  Once I obtain more funds, I will be able to fund myself better and slowly get things that will make the apartment look better.

Here's a look at my bedroom!!!  I finally cleaned it up and added things on the wall!

I made this for my necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more! Megan Daul gave me the idea a long time ago!

I bought a shelf from (you guessed it!) IKEA! Here I have photos of awesome people; Jenni Mamrosh and I at senior year graduation, my kids from HFS and mom, Kay and I visiting Chicago!  Also, I have a turtle my friend Katherine gave to me as a graduation gift in 2005!

I finally hung some artwork in the hallway.  I don't have a theme...just random work that I like!

An ode to Kasey and Ben Hock! They are two fantastic people!  They took a trip on Route 66 and took pictures.  I purchased some a few years ago.  Now they are hanging in my hall!

And now my kitchen... the best place to be! Minus some key art work...I am pretty much set up in here!

I made a menu for my kitchen!

Look! Another (IKEA) shelf!

A "To Do" list that hangs in my kitchen.

My tea closet!

My wine collection! My landlord was actually quite impressed with the bottles of wine that I have purchased.  He wants me to bring some good DC wine back home...and he will get me some great Southern WI to share! Awesome!

And ode to my college days... they collect dust.

My mom made these!

My bathroom! I warn you this room is not anywhere near completion. Chad put this together for me!

Where I store things like my hair dryer and comb.  

Another mom made object!

Overview... the tub is an old french style tub with the shower curtain that goes all the way around...

Craft Room time! My IKEA shelf.  Not all of them will have drawers... but many of them will. I store my paper crafts and paints here!

My office where I hang up student artwork, church schedules and more!

Mom made these for me!! She's so sweet!

Pictures of friends...

Where Pickles will be located! living room!!!!

This is my Zen area.  It's not finished yet, but this is where I put my candles when I do yoga.

BOOKS!!!!!!!  And awesome artwork from Zoe and Charles!

This is an overview.  I painted most of the pictures in this room.

Another view.  You can see my yoga mat sits out right in front of my zen area.  I love being able to keep it out because it gives me a reminder to do it!

The piano received a spot too!!!!  This is where I attempt to practice my music for church (and play just for fun!)  I did all of the artwork in this picture except for the far right one with the yellow building.  That is a professional piece!

Last but not least... the couch that made it up the stairs!!!  Thanks for moving it boys!

That's all for now!!!!  I hope you like what I did to the really do not do the place justice!


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