Thursday, August 16

A [Closer] Look at My New Apartment!

Hey Bloggers,

Last Sunday, mom, dad, Chad, David and I moved the rest of my life down to Janesville, WI!  It was a pretty exciting day! We had an entire Uhaul full of the rest of my goodies.  Mom, David and I brought up the small boxes...then David and Chad took care of the bigger things! 

Here is what it looks like right now...kind of a hot mess, but once I get down there, I will have the chance to spice it up the way I'd like it to look!

Here's a promo at what my bedroom is looking like... I will be putting all of those clothes away, so don't worry about that! 

My lonely needs it's ugly black sheets.  No worries bed...I'm coming!

My craft room... it looks like a hot mess.  A lot of these things are going to school, but because I didn't have keys at that point, I couldn't put them there.  I need to get this cleaned out asap because a very large cubic shelf will be in this room!

My living room! Again, it looks like a crazy mess, but that's okay!  I'm having a "Brown" thing going on in the living room and really could use some ideas to bring some more color in here! I'm planning on doing some paintings based on the colors of the rug I have, but any idea of inspiration would be helpful as well!

Thanks to my brother and David Cole for yanking that thing up the stairs, down the hall and into the living room!  It was heavy and it barely fit...but we made it work.  Now I just gotta figure out where the darn thing goes!

You can also see my brand new coffee table, end tables, and rug...all from IKEA! (You gotta love IKEA!)

The bathroom... mom, Chad and I put up the to put all those towels away.

And the kitchen! People were obsessed with giving me their dishes! I had about 3 different sets of dishes by the end of it all.  I hate to say it...I donated them all away.  I am strange and wanted to get my own fresh clean dishes.  Therefore, I bought some egg plant colored dishes at IKEA.

Here is another view of my kitchen... messy, but in progress!  I still have shelving I need to put up as well as some art that Liz is going to be making me! My brother and mom put together my wine rack.  You can see that on the left side of the photo below:)

Here is my pantry!

 And my current wine stash... soon to be in the wine rack from IKEA.

That's all for a few days, I will give you the updated version of my apartment! It will be much cleaner and organized (hopefully!)



  1. Congratulations on the move, Emily! And your space looks fabulous! I think it would look snazzier once all your things are settled and all revamps are done. I’m sure by now you are quite excited to fill the place with decors and furniture. I do love your kitchen. It is adorable and the smallness of space makes it more intimate.

  2. I agree with Armadina that even a small of space can bring each member closer to each other. Just arrange your things properly and you’ll surely be able to create some additional space. By the way, how’s everything in your new apartment?

    -Fernando Bouley


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