Saturday, August 11

So...What Will My First [Professional] Classroom Looks Like [for Now]

Hey Everybody!

Last week, Vanessa and I took a trip down to Janesville.  On this trip, I got to spend time in my Spanish and Kindergarten classrooms, as well as many other places I will be spending my time in The Early Learning Center.   I plan on keeping lots of the things that are on the walls...but I also plan on putting my own spin on a few things as well!

This is an overview of the room, Angie was too kind and moved things to the side for me! She also left some things up so I didn't have to start from scratch!

 Here is another view of the classroom... if you look really closely, there is a red cart in the center of this picture.  Right next to the cart is the door to the 4K room.  The 4k and 5k work together for sometimes so it makes perfect sense to have everything blend together.  

The bulletin board that is next to the large black board is the Social Studies board... which has a large picture of a bee on it.  Apparently, the state bug is the bee....yikes!

Here is a view where my desk is [currently] located... I'm not sure if it will stay there or not.   I'm  (I don't want to be facing the window!)

 In this picture, I am standing in the 4k room...looking into the kindergarten room...I think...

Here is one more view of my desk...this is the biggest desk that I have ever had...I am so excited about it! It is very comfy.  I loved sitting in it.  Vanessa had to drag me out so I could take her home!  On top of the desk is a help mat.  The mat has numbers, shapes and other little things to help the kids out during school.  It also has their name on them.  I can set out the mats and have them work wherever I want them to! [Sweet!]

This is the future 3k is still being built! I believe most of it will be done very soon...because school is starting very soon!

That's all for now!!! More to come!


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