Monday, May 28

Down By the Bay...

Hey everybody!

Happy Memorial Day!! Thank you to those who have fought for our country!

It's been a very exciting week...there are only SIX SCHOOL DAYS left! I'm just a little over two weeks I will be in summer vacation!!!!!!!! WOOT!

This past week in kindergarten we had an "Ocean" Theme Unit! To help prepare for this unit I had to go lamination crazy....

I laminated some blends, dipthongs and ending sounds cut from the Circut "Ocean of Words" cartridge.  The kids would then practice combing them together to make words.  Here are some of them that I made for the week. 

There job was to find as many blended words as possible.  Since there were so many with so many different combinations, I created a list of words they could try to find. 

I also created a "Sight Word Hunt."

The kids read popular books about the sea such as "Down in the Cool of the Pool," "Commotion in the Ocean," and "The Rainbow Fish."

For rest time, I bought a doodle book.  This book has little doodle ideas to help spark creativity.  The page below is one of the examples I used for the "Ocean" theme!

We also learned about the coral reef.   We read Gail Gibbons' book "Coral Reefs" as a class.  After we read the story, we talked about what the coral reef looks like.  I showed them a video from YouTube to give them a real sensation. 

To help them further understand the coral reef... the kids drew a picture of the reef.  Everybody picked one thing that they wanted to see if they visited the reef and drew a picture of it.  They cut it out and I put it on the big bulletin board that I posted outside.   Below is an example of our in progress board!

Here is a closer look of some of the coral they made.

The kids loved the activity!

There is more they are working on...but I don't have pictures! More will come soon!


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