Wednesday, May 23

FYI: I Am Still Alive!

Hey Everybody!

It's been a long time...but I now have some free time to share with you some of things in kindergarten!!!!

First of all, for Mother's Day (I long ago!) We grew sunflowers.  While we had them growing in the classroom, we talked about the process of a flower.  I read them the book "The Tiny Seed," by Eric Carle.  Then we talked about how to take care of a plant and then planted our own.  Every day during snack, we watered them.  

They sat on the window seal so they could soak up the sun.  Some grew into big, beautiful flowers, while some died.  The kids understood some plants just did not live.  I should have planted extras for the kids to take home.  Ah. Well.

In Reading we read "Curious George" books.  I wasn't originally a fan of them... but as the week went on, they grew on me.  That troublemaker is always getting into trouble! So to practice word families, we made our own banana words! I put them up on the bulletin board!

Here is a closer look at them... 

We also labeled parts of a flower... this creation is from Teacher's Pay Teachers... it was for free!

In addition to plants, we talked about "Needs vs. Wants" and "Saving vs. Spending"  During this unit we read the book "Max and Ruby: Bunny Money" by Rosemary Wells.  We talked about what is the difference between a "need" and a "want."  Then we created these cool collages!

One of my students was being silly and said he needed a woman... 

Sassy huh?

That's all for now! Lots' more coming up!



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