Tuesday, May 8

The Fun Continues...

Hey Everybody!

Another week at Hemlock Creek rolled by right before my eyes!!  We had a very short planning week.  First of all, we had field trip (that ended up being cancelled) and then we had a 1/2 day!  Therefore, not too much went on at school.

Last Sunday, I pleaded and pleaded with friends to lend me their toy cars.  Well... this is why! I made a sight word parking game. (Inspired by the one on Pinterest!) This is the parking lot! I used the Cricut to do my bidding!

Then I took cars and put sight words on them!


And then away they went parking the words! I want to thank my friend Jamie, for lending me her son Nick's cars at the 11th hour of the evening I needed them.  The hassle was totally worth it! If you are interested in using my board, please feel free to do so.  The boys loved this center and usually played with the board during free time!

In my math diff group, the kiddos matched up Easter eggs.  I have one little boy that is in love with these eggs...despite the fact he sometimes complains about doing them while he is doing them!

 In science, my kiddos made a movie! That's right! We practiced planting a seed.  (They are making plants and cards for Mother's Day on Sunday!) They used the iPad to do their bidding.  It was pretty successful...for the most part.  Technology has always been my cross to bear.

We also played memory, with time in mind. I made the clocks from a website that let's you make your own personalized set of memory cards.  Again, you might see the obnoxious bright blue paper in the background.  That is still left over paper from VBS last summer.

To celebrate time...we made "The Grouchy Ladybug Clocks."  My version was inspired by my friend Brittany H.  She is teaching in L-Casio right now in kindergarten.  After making them, we read the story and practiced telling time.  The kids LOVED them! I let them take them home to work on telling time with their families!

We always just have too much fun!

In case you are wondering, the rest of my year breaks down as such for themes in kindergarten:

May 14th-May 18th: Season's of the Sun
May 21st-25th: Ocean Animals
May 29th-June 1st: Water/Stars and Stripes
June 2nd-end: Summer Fun!

Anybody have any ideas for me...please pass them along! Also--anything that I can benefit from will be accepted in open arms:)

That's all for now... off to jam out!



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