Sunday, June 10

Good Bye Hemlock Creek Hello...

Hello Everybody!

I am so excited to say good-bye to Hemlock Creek.  I finished my time there on a high note.  I'll miss the kids and the school, but I am looking forward to my new adventures.

The new adventure is me going to my new job...a 3-5K position in Janesville, WI!

Yes that's right, Janesville, WI! I am aware it is a very long commute from Resurrection, my piano studio, St. Joe's... but you know, a girls' gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get a job!  I'm very excited to start!

As to prepare for my move to Janesville, I went apartment shopping with Meredith and Leah.  We visited a few places.  One place I was banking on: they were kind and helpful, but it wasn't the most secure place in town, however this was the place that "felt right." The landlord is very nice, Pickles is welcomed with open arms, and it is very close to the school! Plus...I get TWO bedrooms for the price of ONE!

Here are some photos of where I will be living in the upcoming months...:) 


My future studio for crafting!

 My kitchen! I get a stove and fridge!

More of the beautiful view! does NOT do justice! I get an old fashioned tub!

The hallway... photo is taken in the living room!

And here's the exterior!

It's perfect for me! My lease starts on July 1st, however I will not be moving in right away! However, I will start the moving process July 1st, 2012. I will be needing everybody's help in finding cheap and reasonable furniture! Please add a comment or email me if you have anything you are willing to give up! I'm looking for lots of things! I'll be posting a wish list soon!

Much <3



  1. Anonymous10.6.12

    John and I got all or most of our furniture from consignment stores. Great stuff that will hold up for great prices. There is one in Howard called Homestead Consignment and tons of them in Appleton as well. I think there is one in DePere and one on the East side of Green Bay. I just typed in consignment stores in Northeastern Wi. Hope that helps!

  2. Anonymous10.6.12

    Sorry it is called Home Again.


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