Saturday, May 26

MMM...M...Farmer's Market Good!

 Hey All,

As promised, I am going to post some more fun and recent things we have been doing in kindergarten!  We have been talking about saving verses spending.  Here is my bulletin board talking about how money works!

Here is our farmer's market!  We practiced spending and saving there too! are some pictures of what it looked like!

The kids walked around and picked out things that they needed to make fruit salad and fruit pizza.  We also had extra goodies such as candy, soda and other yummy unnecessary goods.  The point of these goods were to throw the student see if they were able to overcome their wants and urges and get their needs.  Many students did well...but some only purchased the candy.  Sigh.

Here's an example of what one of the kids bought:

After we bought all of the mom and I cut them all up and put them on a platter.  Then the kids got in a buffet line and make their very own fruit pizza!

Also to help celebrate good foods...we did a "What Am I?"  We read the book "Who Am I?" as a class.  Then we practiced making predictions by giving clues.  The clues in this book were the following: "I am red.  I am good to eat.  I am juicy.  What am I?"

 That's all for now!!!!  Take care!


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