Thursday, April 5

Two Opposittes: Kindergarten and Holy Week

Hello Everybody!

I'm alive doing well!

Hell week is a term coinned by Father Jim from Old Saint Joe's. It is the secret nickname of Holy Week.  I'm practicing like mad to get things done...this year I'll be playing the entire shebang at Saint Joe's with Larissa as well as my usual 8AM with Paul at Resurrection.  Be prepared to be inspired to praise God through the liturgically sensitive music I've been working on all month!

Now... for the part that EVERYBODY wants to know about... KINDERGARTEN!

I LOVE KINDERS!!!!!!!!!!!  They are just the cutest things (next to Preschoolers of coarse!) My CT's name is Pam.  She's extremely nice and she's been teaching kindergarten for 10 years.   She was very welcoming right from the start.  Everybody's been nice.  I got to meet most of the 10,000 people at the school on the first day! 

For demographics...
-the entire school has about 680 kids
-7 sections of kindergarten
-Hemlock is NOT a Title I School
-I have 19 children (which is LESS than 27)...
-Most of my kids are of the age five
-all freaking cute!  (but you won't see them because I will not post pictures of them on my personal you'll have to take my word for it!)

I all ready have a lot artwork on my desk.  I also have gotten hugs.  And according to two of the girls... I am apparently their mother.  (YIKES!)

I also have a...drum...roll...SMARTboard!!!

I'm going to take full advantage of one of these in my room.  No I won't be married to the board like my tech professor wants me to be...but I will use this board to it's full advantage!

Next week I start teaching...MATH!!! (YIKES!) I have a lot of cool activities planned.  Once I have them finalized, I will post pictures of what I plan on doing.

On April 30th...I'll be teaching full time in the kindergarten classroom!

I will keep you posted as I start teaching subjects.  For now, rest assure I AM LOVING HEMLOCK CREEK! I'm very lucky I got into two placements that I really love!

So overall, Pickles and I are doing great... as you can see from the photo below!



  1. Well maybe I will have to come to church on Sunday morning. Someone is trying to take us to of screaming children.

  2. *yawn* you're awesome...(what you don't realize is to type the word "awesome" it just took me 10 joke)...


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