Thursday, April 26

Earth Week in Kindergarten!

Hey Everybody!!!

I mentioned last week that everybody was going to be jealous of my awesome Science/Math units...and I was right!  Now off to brag about the fun we had in class this past week!

First off...Science/Social Studies...

First we sorted trash.  I made the classroom into a mess!  Then I had the students go look around and pick things up and recycle them!  Here are some of my recycle bins I used!

Next, we read "The Lorax" and talked about needs/wants.  Then we made "Lorax" stories.  I made this bad-ass mustache and the kids took a picture with it.  Then we wrote how we can take care of the earth.  After cannot buy another one at Wal-Mart! (Thank you Mrs. N for the suggestion!)

 Finally, we talked about reusing things! I had the kids save their milk jugs.  They were so curious to WHY we were going to save them...and what the heck we could do with them!  Well, we made bird feeders!

 I had no problem getting the kids to make the box...the difficult part was stringing the yarn through the holes! I had to help them, so did Pam.  It was worth it though.  The kids loved it!  After they got bird seed, they could decorate it.  To make sure they were safe, we put them in plastic bags for protection!

 Then there's is my first SMART board activity!  I am so proud! I stole it from Katie H's presentation! (Hey...Dr. Kirst told us to!)

For those who are not familiar with a SMART board, this thing is awesome!  I made it that you can drag all the coins on the left into the piggy bank.   This way the kids can literally touch the board and drag things over to make the correct amount.  They loved it! 

Then we sang money songs.   (Thank you Noelle for the idea!) I made them do hand motions to help get engaged in the music.  They loved it!  We practiced them for two days and wow do they pick things up fast!

Then I made my first bulletin board... it's interactive...and great to practice subtraction!

The kids take the little fish from the bag and match it up to the big fish on the board.  I think they are going to love this activity because it is different.  

Mom bought me these fish at Hobby Lobby.  I'm normally not into using pre-die cut things, but I figured I would give it a try! I also used the Circut Cartridge "Life's a Beach" for extra fish!


Also... we did math art.  This was to teach place value and symbols.  For example, if you have four cotton balls and three craft sticks, you have the number 43.  

They did an awesome job... 

but... this one takes the cake... 

That's all I have!!!


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