Sunday, April 15

Em Makes More Cards!!!!

Hey Everybody!

I wanted to share with everybody some of the more recent card creations I have been working on!  So many exciting things are coming (such as birthdays, graduation, mother's day, etc) so I decided to make a bunch of cards in advance! I had a card making night a few weeks ago.  Megan and Meredith came over to play.  We had a blast! We all learned new techniques and insights to cardmaking.

Meredith worked on her 12 cards for the March of Dimes.  Megan had some b-day cards.  I was all over the place, I had b-day cards, thank you cards, grad cards and more!  

Here's what I created!

Graduation Cards;

I used the embossing gun to make the Grad show up in glitter:) I love it!  It is SNC themed.  I know that a lot of my SNC girls see my blog so it might not be wise to put the card design up online, but it's all good!  This is only the first wave.  I'll be making a second wave of cards that will look different!

Inside I wrote the truth...

Random Birthday Card:

It was random...but I love it!

Meredith made this card...THIS IS NOT MINE!  This is part of Meredith's collection she will be donating to the March of Dimes silent auction.  She is doing a card for each month of the year.  I think this is either April or May, but I could be wrong.

I loved it so much I had to take a picture of it.  It was just so freaking awesome!  I wish I had this creative ability!

This card is for my mom.  She turns 52 today! (God she's old;)) She loves black and gold so I made her card those colors.  You can't tell, but the front is embossed with gold powder. 

This is what the inside looks like!

This card was for my supervising teacher, Joannie.  It's a spring/school theme!

Then this is a collection of basic Thank You cards that I can use in the future! They are very simple, but I don't care.  It is hard to make elaborate cards anymore.  I like the simple cards too because it conveys the message in a direct way.   I used this flower stamp for my mom's birthday card.  I love this stamp very much.  It was expensive; about 20 bucks, but I use it all of the time!!!! 

I colored this one in with pencils. I gave a similar looking one to Dr. Meidl for writing such a nice letter of rec. to me.

I gave this one to Cheryl for all the help she gave during Holy Week. 

And last but not least... my favorite...

That's right! Megan got me to take the plunge!  I now own alcohol inks!  They are fun to blend and create with.  Megan had a cool technique where she used an iron so the embossed parts could stick out more.  However, I wasn't able to make it work.  So I made the flowers from my Cuttelbug.  Then I took a sponge and dabbed the ink on it.  Then I dabbed that onto my glossy paper.  This was the freaking cool!!!

These are alcoholic inks by Tim Holtz.  I love them!  I'm slowly becoming a Tim Holtz fan.   I also bought some distress ink from him as well.  I cannot wait to start playing with them:) I currently have 9 colors!!!


  1. Sweet. I will give you a lesson in the resisiting with the iron.

  2. *yawn* yay, I was blogged :)

  3. wow Meredith, don't be too happy about that...


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