Saturday, April 7

A New Day for Em!

Hey All!!!!

Today I did a risque thing: I went to the hair stylist and asked her to do something to my hair.  Yes that's right.  I said something.  I didn't care what she long as there were three things:

1/Easy to manage
2/I still had hair and the end of the day
3/I didn't look like Nicki Minaj

Well... forty five minutes later I looked like this:

That's right...MY HAIR IS SHORT!


My new hairstylist, Bianca, cut off a whooping FIVE inches!!! WHOA!!!!!!  That is a lot of hair!  

It looks perfect.  I'm still not completely used to it...she did cut off five inches!!! It's going to be a lot easier to manage now that it is shorter.  Bianca says I just gotta twist and twirl my hair with my finger and then run my hand through it. It is easy to manage because it is shorter, there is hair left AND it doesn't look like Nicki Minaj.  I say EPIC JOB! (Meredith I know how much you <3 that word, but let's be honest, everything I do is usually epic.) 

I also got new case you didn't notice those from the new pic... those came from Shopko.

Hope you dig my new hair...I like it.  I was up for a little hairdo change.  Don't worry--it grows fast!


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  1. LOVE YOUR HAIR...super sassy! and sexy! and I will agree, it is somewhat epic! <3 ya!


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