Monday, April 23

Recent Cards Using Alcohol Inks and Tim Holtz Products!

Hello Everybody!

Last weekend Meredith and I went to Creations Galore and did some card making.  Here are a few cards I created!

First and foremost...I made my mother a Mother's Day Card.

All right, so I apparently screwed up getting her b-day gift.  I wanted to be creative and get her something she would not expect... apparently she was really looking forward to her Target gift card and flipped out when her b-day gift was a Hobby Lobby card.  Originally I was going to make a Target card, but I decided since she wasn't going to be surprised with her gift...I was going to make a killer card.  Here it is!

 I used her favorite  (Yes I know.) I took alcohol inks and did some dying to lighten up the card.  


 This is what I wrote inside.  Don't tell her I wrote this. She'll freak.  I stamped the "i love you" with individual letters. 

Next is a sympathy card... 

Everybody knows who this card is for... if you don't...well... look at the colors of the card... duh!

My butterfly is raised.  I used dots to make the butterfly raised.  I also used alcohol inks again.  This time I used cool colors to give a berry effect.  I didn't dab this time; I just rubbed it onto the smooth glossy paper.  Then I embossed with dark purple with my favorite super large flower stamp.  The picture doesn't do the card justice...but it is amazing.  I was pretty shocked with the outcome.

The next two are a series.  I used a pineapple stamp as my inspiration! I have no idea where I am going to use these cards...but I'm sure I'll figure it out! 

This one might be a "pick me up" card.

This one is a "Thank You" Card.

This is yet another alcohol ink with an embossed image on it.  Originally I put the martini on the page with a bright pink.  It didn't show up too well so I decided to trace it.  Then I got the idea to emboss it with gold.  It has a southern feel to it.  I love it!

For the alcohol technique, I put the ink on the page (instead of the ink applicator.)  This left some interesting patterns.  You can see some circles on the page as well as some blending.  I love the effect it gives...kinda like a watercolor feel.

This is a "just because" card.  It was towards the end of the night I was just running out of ideas...

 This card is a sympathy card.  There seems to be a lot of those going on in my life.  This one was intended to be given during the spring. 

 Nothing too special about this card.  I dry embossed the "With Love"with the cuttelbug.  Meredith insisted I had to color the words...but I really don't like how I did it.  I wish I did the swirl and the with in the color purple and the love in the color pink.  After all, love is the word that stands out.  

I also embossed with a dark purple.  I love the effect, but I don't like where I placed the butterfly. 

Then there's this that I made today....

Afterwards I decided to purchase distress inks and Perfect Pearls.  Both are Tim Holtz creations.  Perfect Pearls is a micropowder that makes things shimmer.  Distress inks help distress (or age) the paper.  I have been watching videos and experimenting some new ways to incorporate them into my card.  

This is what I did... 

First I embossed with a cream piece of paper.  I used the argyle cuttelbug folder.  

Then I gently put distress ink (I used aged paint) on the raised parts of the embossed.  Then I painted perfect pearls purple powder over the distress ink.  


The powder binds with anything wet, so I was able to wipe off the excess stuff. 

Then I dabbed my ink applicator in the green distress ink. 

Then I rubbed the ink on the edges and my craft mat.   I did this several times to layer the colors.  I also used my aged paint (it's a dark orange) as well. 

This is what my piece of paper looked like.  It took about 5 minutes to finish.  It was easy, fun and very cool! 

I did this a few times with different folders, distress inks and Perfect Pearls to make this card.  This is what the final product ended up looking like...

 and inside...

so...thank you Tim Holtz for making my cards look awesome!!!!  I would advise everybody to try this technique.  It was so easy, fun and quick!  Plus, it looks so awesome! It gives the vintage and metal look.  I love it!

That's all for now...




  1. OMG :O. I love it! What a great way to send me off to work for the first time since last week Saturday :)

  2. I'm glad you like...pick up some distress inks!!!


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