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More Awesome Parts of the Classroom!

Hey Everybody!!!

Today I'm here to share you a few things I've been doing in class!

One thing I decided is that I am very passionate about how children (and people) treat each other.  In the past few weeks, I've been encouraging them to use these words to each other.  We've talked about how to treat each other in recess, how to handle situations such as dealing with unfair fifth graders and how to select partners.  I've been looking at my classroom management website for inspiration on how to build a better team-like classroom. 

I've used Carrie Robert's "One" quilt lesson plan from EDUC386.  I always told Carrie I was going to use it... now I did!!!  This book is so great because all ages can relate to it! It's also a great conversation starter!

The kids really enjoyed this project and felt that it related to a lot of things.  They kept on looking at the book and repeating the quote "If somebody is being mean and picking on me,  for one stand up and say NO!" Several of the kids have taken heart to the lesson and have been making better choices on what they do during their free time. 

Another implement I'm adding is the "Dear Gaby" box. 

I wrapped a shoe box with some "My Minds' Eye" paper and decorated it!  (All in one episode of White Collar!) Pretty much it is going to operate the same way I learned about it in Sophomore Block.  A student writes (secretly) about a situation (leaving names out) and asking for advice.  Then the teacher reads them out loud and the entire class comes up with a solution.  I'm going to tie that one into my writing lesson later this week.  I find it to be something that the kids really need to do...problem solve. 

I'm currently working on trying to expand on my creativity in math, writing and science.  I've been spying on a few friends' Pinterest for some inspiration.  Here are a few things I found for math that I'm very excited about!!!

Snake: this game is for multiplying 5s.  I'm loving it!  You draw a card and if you can name that fact then you keep the card.  If you get a snake card, then you lose all your cards!  Winner keeps all the cards!!!

The only downside to this game is that there is so much lamination and cutting to do!  My wonderful CT started cutting them up, so I got a great head start on I'm at the Attic cutting them up between uploading pictures for this blog entry!

Pin It!:  I found this game on Pinterest!!!  Using clothes pins and a grid, the kids practice pinning the pins as quickly as they can!


Something we have been doing in class is making a "word wall."  I'm sick of seeing the word "cool" or "like" or "nice" in the girls' writing.  So one day, we practiced using a thesaurus and looked up words to place on our word wall.  I gets used every so often... so that makes me happy!


I'm also big on religion... in case you didn't know that!!! (Haha!) I fully believe in teaching the "complete" religion, as in, teaching it from the pure Catholic perspective, being in a Catholic school that makes perfect sense.   For Lent, I made sure the kids understood the importance of Lent.  (Unlike this one person I know who says that Lent was invented so Catholics could go on a diet!)

We made our own "Lenten Path."  The kids selected something they were going to "get rid of" and do something that will better our world in place.  Just like Jesus gave up his life, walked in the desert so he could do something great for our world, the kids did the same!  

 We had a lot of very cute ideas, such as "give up ipod and will go play outside instead! I've gotten quite a few compliments from other teachers on this idea as well!  I'm proud to say that this is an original idea that I created all on my own! 

In conclusion, it's been a great few weeks so far.  I'm loving every moment of third grade!  It's awesome to be in such a fun and loving atmosphere.  

Stay tuned for more awesome classroom elements!!!


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    Love all the ideas...will have to steal them when I can!! You are an amazing teacher!!!!


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